Action Buddies is a film that was rented by Player 41, but is now in the custody of the Bears. It made its first appearance in the episode "Our Stuff".

It also appeared in the episodes "Video Date" and "Baby Bears on a Plane".


Our Stuff

When the Bears break into Player 41's home to retrieve their stolen backpack, they end up stealing Player 41's backpack that looks strikingly similar to theirs. After a small fiasco, the Bears end up on the side of the apartment building the player lives in and, upon opening the backpack to ensure it's theirs, they pull out the Action Buddies disc.

The police end up arriving and pull out a trampoline for them to jump on one at a time before the arrest. The Bears end up jumping on it all at once and land in a building across the street where they discover the thief's lair and their backpack.

After being brought to safety by the authorities, the Bears have a small chat with the police officer after the celebration of their stuff being returned to them. Grizzly then pulls out the stolen Action Buddies disc and asks Panda and Ice Bear if they want to watch a movie.

Video Date

As Panda needs his brothers' help in video dating with Celine, Grizzly takes a turn to chat with her and unexpectedly finds out that Celine has an interest in the film Action Buddies like he does.

Baby Bears on a Plane

Grizzly, shown as a cub, quickly finds a seat after being urged by the stewardess. The other seat in front of him has a built-in TV screen playing the film Action Buddies which amazes him so much.


  • As revealed in "Baby Bears on a Plane", this movie features Todd Eagle, who sits next to Grizzly on the plane flying to Boise, as the main character.
  • It also revealed that Action Buddies' production company is SHAKYCEM FILMS
  • In the same episode above, as Grizzly and Todd are being served with pancakes, the TV screen in front of them showing a scene in which Todd is lifting up a shark with a dramatic soundtrack being played in the background. That sound effect is, surprisingly, also used by the Bears in Chloe's presentation about them.

Cultural References

  • The name and disc art could be a parody of the 2010 action film "The Expendables".

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