Assembly Required Gallery Transcript
This is a transcribed copy of the episode "Assembly Required".

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"Where is it?"
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[The episode begins with a shot of the store Okia. We cut to inside the store where GrizzPanda, and Ice are waiting in line to buy their things. Ice grabs a stuffed animal from a large bin and decides to buy it.] 

Grizz: Oh man, this store has the best furniture! I can't wait to put together our new, um, [He squints at the label on the box.]

Panda: Hemsmaskdall. 

Grizz: Right, that thing.

Ice: Ice Bear needs this. [He plops the stuffed animal onto the cart.]

[It cuts to a scene of an Okia worker tying the box to the bear stack.]

Okia Worker: Uh, ok! You sure you guys don't want any help assembling this?

Grizz: Nah man, we got it. But thank you though!

[They are now standing in their living room. Grizz is rooting through the box and Panda is holding the instruction manual. Ice is holding his stuffed animal.]

Grizz: OK! First we need all, this stuff! [He pulls a bag of parts out of the box and accidentally splits it open. Panda backs up and Ice runs away.]

Panda: Grizz, this manual isn't even in English! How are we going to build this?

Grizz: [He throws the bag across the room.] Don't worry. It shouldn't be that hard! Can't go wrong with these helpful diagrams! [We are looking at the manual.]

Panda: Hmm.

Ice: Ice Bear brought tools. [He holds up a wrench and a hammer.]

Grizz: Aw, we don't need those, we got all the tools we need right here. [He roots through the pile of parts until he finds the tool.}

Panda: Um, ok? [Ice tosses his tools to the side.] So, uh, with the translation, this word could mean carefully, or body slam?

Grizz: Oh! I got this! [He runs and jumps into the piece that Ice is holding, flattening him.]

[We cut to a montage of them putting it together. First it looks like an A-Frame [1] with a bunch of pieces of wood sticking out of it. Next it looks like a person. After that, Grizz makes it look like a square cake, but after he adds the last piece, it collapses. Panda begins to cry. An impossible square [2] follows and finally, a pile of parts.]

Panda: [Groans] This is too hard, I give up! [He falls onto his back.]

Grizz: [He picks up the manual.] Oh, Guys! We can't give up yet! Right now, we're this little guy. [A drawing of one little guy comes up. He looks frustrated and there are question marks around his head.] But what we need to be is this whole group of little guys, working together! [Three little guys are holding hands and there is a Swedish word underneath them.] Grupparbete. Whatever that is.

Panda: [Typing into his phone.] Uh, looks like that means, um, oh! Teamwork!

Grizz: Yeah! Let's give it another shot, with teamwork! [The picture of the three guys changes to the three bears and the Swedish word translates to the English word.]

[A montage of them building their thing plays. Their energy is restored and they are very excited. When that is over, all three bears stand in front of their new piece of furniture.]

Grizz: Well bros, we finally did it. Congratulations man. Good job, good job, good job. Now let's go try it out!

[Grizz sits in on the top of the shelf, Panda is curled up in the middle one, and Ice is laying on the floor, with his head in the bottom shelf.]

Panda: Um, I don't think this is a couch.

[Grizz looks down at Panda and the top of the shelf collapses, nearly missing Panda. They both shout.]