Bear Flu Gallery Transcript
This is a transcribed copy of the episode "Bear Flu".

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[Opening Intro]

[The episode begins in the water]

[A fish swims by and Chloe swishes her hand under the water with a jar.]

[A microscope zooms in on bacteria.]

[Chloe puts a small glass of bacteria in a open box.]

Chloe: (While drawing bacteria in a journal.) Woah crazy! (Picks up jar of bacteria.) This is like the tenth bacteria i've discovered today!

[Chloe holds up jar close to her face]

Chloe: (Whispering.) Aren't you the grossest little fella's ever?

Chloe: (Turns to her right) Hey guys check this out! '

Chloe: (Turning head towards the lake) Guys?

[ The Bears are seen splashing in the water laughing]

Chloe: (Chloe walking towards the lake.) Guyss! Guys!

[The Bears turn towards her]

The Bears: Chloe!

Grizzly: Chloe's in the (inaudable)! Join us!

Chloe: Auh I'm good! You guys shouldn't even be in the water, ugh this whole lake is crazy dirty!

Grizzly: What? The water's fine! If they didn't want anybody to swim they would have put up a sign!

Chloe: You mean, (Points at a sign that shows not to swim.) like this one?

Grizzly: Naah that's just the name of the lake! (Puts hands near eyes.) Lake Prohibido Nadar! (Puts arms down and looks at Panda)

Panda: Also we saw that you were busy so we wanted to get out of your wa-

[ Ice Bear rises out of the water underneath Panda which makes him fling into the water.]

Panda: AHHH!

Grizzly: Don't worry Chloe, everything's fine! We're bears, bears never get sick!

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is immune to all disease.

Chloe: Well, I've done my research, I'm ready to go back whenever you guys are!

Grizzly: Okay guys let's go! Last one's a dingle! (Laughs.)

[The bears dive into the water and dramatically swim towards the shore.]

Chloe: Oh guys you don't have to rush! Nev-er mind.

Grizzly: Here we come! (Laughs.)

[Dramatic zooming of bacteria going into Panda's eyes, Grizzly's fur, and Ice Bear's nose]

[The Bears arrive to the shore and stand up]

Grizzly: It's a tie! Oh! that was awesome.

[Chloe sniffs]

Chloe: Oh! (Pinches nose.) You guys REALLY smell.

Grizzly: Smell like the flowers that we are? Why thank you! You smell like a flower too, flower hug!!

Chloe: No! Ugh stay back!

[Panda sneezes.]

[Ice Bear sneezes.]

Chloe: Um, you guys don't look so good.

Grizzly: Naah, bear's immune systems are one of the strongest in the world! Thirty minutes from now we'll all be good.

[Thirty Minutes later]

[Chloe opens The Bear's house door while moving a cart with tools and bacteria jars on it and stops, she runs to the door and grabs the door handle.]

[The Bear's while stacked crawl into the house moaning.]

[The Bear's fall to the floor.]

Chloe: Wow, I knew that lake was full of nasty germs, you guys look sick.

Grizzly: Nah I'm good, I just like the floor.

Panda: Wait, germs? Are we gonna be okay? I think we need to call a doctor.

Chloe: Nah that won't be necessary, trust me I've done research on thousands of various germs and bacteria. I can totally take care of you guys myself.

[Chloe opens up a box full of various medicines and tools, she takes out a tongue depressor.]

[Chloe crawls toward's Ice Bear.]

Chloe: Open your mouth! (Opens Ice Bear's mouth) Wiider.

[Chloe presses the stick on his tongue.]

Chloe: (Pinches Panda's cheek.) Tell me if this hurts.

Panda: Yes.

Chloe: How bout this? (Presses on Panda's cheek.)

Panda: Yes.

[Chloe takes her hand off.]

Panda: Yes.

Chloe: I'm not even touching you!

[Chloe pets the sides of Grizzly's head.]

[She opens Grizzly's right eye.]

Chloe: How many fingers am I holding up?

Grizzly: Little baby unicorns?

[Chloe looks at her hand.]

Chloe: Alright, it's official, you guys are sick.

Grizzly: We aren't sick, bears never get sick, right guys?

[Ice Bear and Panda moan.]

Chloe: Alright i've heard enough (Gets up and walks.) You're going to bed now.

[Chloe pushes The Bears to bed while they moan.]

Chloe: Okay! Time to sleep. (Pulls blanket over Grizzly.]

Grizzly: Oh, but I don't want to! (Sneeze.)

Panda: Am I gonna be okay? What if I have some weird disease that eats your face?

Chloe: It's just a cold, go to sleep.

Panda: Can I surf the Internet? It helps me sleep better.

Chloe: Of course.

[Panda grabs his phone and types on it.]

Chloe: Here we go! Into the fridge, getting pretty warm, let's see what we got (Pulls a Freeze-E Pop out of the fridge.) here!

[Chloe rubs the Freeze-E Pop on the side of Ice Bear's face.]

Chloe: Better?

[Ice Bear moans and grabs the Freeze-E Pop and rubs it on his own face.]

Chloe: Hang tight I'm gonna cook all you guys some soup.

[Chloe lights the stove and puts a pot on it.]

Chloe: (Cutting up a carrot.) Choppin' carrots, chop chop- Wait, do they even like carrots?

Chloe: Hey Grizz do you want!- Grizz? Dang it, where's you go.

[Chloe peeks into the Living Room to see Grizz lifting a small weight.]

Chloe: Grizz what are you doing?!

Grizzly: I feel great. Not sick anymore.

Chloe: Come on, if you don't rest you'll get worse.

Grizzly: Bear's never get sick.

[Chloe grabs Grizzly's hand and they walk back to Grizzly's room.]

Grizzly: I'll just finish my work-out in here! (Attempts to lift self up but falls back down.)

[Chloe closes the door.]

Panda: Chloe!

Chloe: Coming!

Chloe: Is something wrong?

Panda: Yes! I checked Totally Medicine and it says I could have numerous diseases! It could be PPS, Severe Hypochondria or worse. (Whispers) Bear Flu.

Chloe: Panda you shouldn't believe those websites.

Panda: But Totally Medicine Is a legit source of medical information.

Chloe: I think you've had enough Internet for today.

Panda: Okay just let me finish writing this post! (Typing "Goodbye sweet world I'm dying #Bear Flu")

Chloe: Panda!

Panda: Just let me post it! (Pushes Chloe.) Done!

[Chloe grabs his phone and jumps off the bed.]

Panda: No I need it!

Chloe: You can have it back once you're better. (Walks off.)

[Panda face-plants onto his bed groaning.]

[Chloe sighs.]

Chloe: Finally.

[Thump noise in the fridge, Chloe turns and looks at it.]

[Chloe opens the fridge, Ice Bear is inside covered in Freeze-E Pop.]

Chloe: Wha! Oh man you're burning up! Hold on!

[Chloe opens a drawer and pulls out a thermometer and puts it in Ice Bear's mouth.]

[Chloe takes the Freeze-E Pop off Ice Bear.]

Chloe: Huh?

[Chloe turns to see Grizzly smashing a banana with a mallet.]

Chloe: Grizz what are you doing??

Grizzly: I'm not sick anymore Chloe, see? Watch me help! More bananas!

Chloe: Ah! Grizz stop! Ugh you're messing up the soup!

[Chloe climbs up on the chair to stir the soup, Grizzly bumps into her and the pot falls on the floor, spilling the soup.]

[Chloe lifts up the pot.]

Grizzly: No more stew for bears.

Chloe: Phew! Luckily there's still some left.

Grizzly: Oh yum! Mm! (Opening jar of bacteria.) You look delicious.

Chloe: Grizz no!

Grizzly: Bottoms up!

[Grizzly drinks from the jar.)

Grizzly: Tastes like a dirty sleeping bag.

[Chloe pushes Grizzly into his room and closes the door.]

Grizzly: Hey Chloe!

Panda: Chloe!!

[Chloe opens the door to Panda's room.]

Chloe: Panda? What's going on?

Panda: To Grizz, I (inaudable) all my video games, treat them well.

Chloe: Panda, I really don't have time for this.

[Sound of glass breaking, Chloe looks over.]

[Chloe walks in the kitchen to see Grizzly sleeping on the table with two broken plates on the floor.]

Chloe: Okay no!

[She walks over to Grizz]

Chloe: Grizz come on! (Pushes on his head.) Just stay in your room!

Grizzly: Grizz is not home right now. Please leave a message.

[The fridge door opens to reveal Ice Bear inside.]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is cold, and badly.

Chloe: Ah! Now you're too cold?! What's happening?!

[Chloe looks to see Grizzly making strange noises and spinning around repeatedly]

Panda: Chloe! The Bear Flu has spread to my ears!

Ice bear: Please. Help. Ice. Bear.

Grizzly: I'm Chloe ooh I make stew!

[The screen spins around the room with Chloe holding her head and The Bears yelling in the backround.]

Chloe: That's enough!

[Grizzly bumps into the table.]

Chloe: (Huff) That's it! you guys are gonna eat your soup and then you guys are gonna go STRAIGHT to bed!

[They all walk to the couch.]

Chloe: Sit!

[The Bears sit on the couch.]

Chloe: Drink!

'Grizzly passes all the bowls of soup.]

[The Bears sip their soup.]

Chloe: (Picks up TV Remote) Watch some TV.

[Chloe walks off and washes her hands in the sink.]

Chloe: Finally! Wooph! That was intense!

[Grizzly groans in the backround.]

[Chloe groans and her eye twitches.]

Chloe: What is it now, you guys?

Grizzly: I feel so much worse! (Flops on the floor)

[Panda and Grizzly groan.]

Chloe: Oh! Aah okay! I'm calling the doctor!

[Phone rings and the Doctor answers.]

Dr. Sun: Hello, Dr. Sun's office.

Chloe: Hello?! So my friend's are sick because they swam and drank dirty water and I thought I could take care of them but I realized there's so much stuff to deal with with three bears who all have the Bear Flu!

Dr. Sun: Woah woah hold on! Did you say Bear Flu? I-I can tell you right now that there's no such thing. Your friends sound like they're just dealing with a regular flu. Don't worry, everything will be fine.

[Song coming from commercial.]

Grizzly: No, no, please.

[Phone buzzing repeatedly.]

[Reblogs on Panda's post increase from 212 to 666, 927, 2355, 6236, 9000, and 12004.]

[Unknown character running out of the screen.]

[Unknown character slams doors open.]

Unknown character: Sir! (Deep breathes) We have a problem!

Chloe: Ugh now you're too cold? What's happening?!