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Brother Up Gallery Transcript
"Where is it?"
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[The episode starts with a blank, white screen, with the word, "Hierarchy" being typed in red coloring.]

Narrator: Hierarchy.

[Three blue stick figures replace the word.]

Narrator: Often within a group of three or more, organization is difficult unless there is a leader.

[One of the blue stick figures moves atop of the other two.]

Narrator: Hierarchy is a ranking of authority.

[A blue shaded hog moves into the scene, and two, red exclamation points appear on top of the bottom two stick persons.]

Narrator: Often when one member of the group is older, stronger, or more experienced, they will naturally assume the role of the protector, at the top of the hierarchy.

[The top stick figure throws a blue spear at the monster, making it disappear. It, and one of the other stick figures, cheer. One, however, is still.]

Narrator: But what happens when someone at the bottom of the hierarchy wants to be on top?

[The camera zooms in on the one idle stick figure.]

Narrator: This is where our story begins.

[We dissolve to Panda, who is currently wearing a blue sweatband, in a Bear Stack with his two brothers. They seem to be jogging in the forest.]

Grizzly: (panting) Alright, boys, let's take a breather up ahead.

[[[Ice Bear]] skids to a stop, and Grizzly sits atop of Panda.]

Grizzly: Whoo! Oh, yeah! Nice jog, bros, making good time.

[Grizzly leans down to Panda, who seems uncomfortable.]

Grizzly: Oop- little sweaty there, Pan Pan.

Panda: How much longer do we have to go, Grizz? We've been jogging for a while now..

Grizzly: Sorry, little bro. It's my job to keep this family in tip-top shape. I take my duties as the older brother very seriously.

[Grizzly pats Panda's head.]

Panda: Well, sure, but do you think we could finish soon? I've been meaning to go to the mall and the day's almost over.

Grizzly: Sorry, buddy! We've gotta go for at least ten more miles!

Ice Bear: Ice Bear could go for a hundred.

Panda: But Grizz-

Grizzly: No buts! Tally-ho!

[Grizzly slaps Panda's backside, and they are off yet again in their jogging session.]

Grizzly: Move those feet! Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go!

[Flies begin to surround Panda's face.]

Panda: Augh! (spits in disgust, wiping his face with his paw.)

Grizzly: Over that rock!

[As the bears climb over the rock, Panda is hit by three consecutive branches, causing him to shout once more.]

Grizzly: Watch out for branches!

[We cut back to Panda, whose face is scratched and dirty. Water begins to drop from above him.]

Panda: Hey!

[Pan to Grizzly, whose mouth is occupied by a water tube from his backpack.]

Grizzly: (muffled) Gotta stay hydrated!

[The bears push through a couple of bushes, into a rocky clearing.]

Grizzly: Hawk!

[The hawk swoops down and hits Panda directly in his face.]

Panda: Ow!

[The brothers are then seen running down a hill, still in their signature Bear Stack. They are all panting, with Panda showing a frightened expression.]

Grizzly: Faster, faster!

[Cut to a clearing, where Panda, injured, sits on a log, while his other brothers stand beside him.]

Grizzly: Okay, bros. Five minute break over. Now that we've warmed up, it's time to climb that giant tree over there! (He points offscreen.)

Panda: No, thanks. I'm gonna sit this one out.

Grizzly: What? Eh, alright. Well, just stay here on this log, buddy.

[Grizzly takes off his hiking backpack and hands it to Panda.]

Grizzly: Keep yourself hydrated, don't talk to strangers, and if you encounter any dangerous wild animals, just call for help.

[He and Ice Bear walk offscreen, but Grizzly appears once more.]

Grizzly: Love you! (He walks off.)

Panda: Hmpf..

[Panda crosses his arms, but soon reaches for his phone. Unfortunately, it says, "no service", with a frowny face.]

Panda: No reception up here..figures.

[Rustling in the bushes is heard.]

Panda: Huh?

[We see bushes moving, and a flash of gray.]

Panda: Wh-..

[Dramatic music begins to rise, but it cuts when it is revealed to be Charlie.]

Charlie: Hey, man!

Panda: Aah! Charlie? What are you doing here?

Charlie: Well, I was washin' my feet in a puddle, when I heard some loud, motivatin' screamin' comin' from this direction, so I thought I'd come check it out!

[As he is saying this, he sits close to Panda. Panda moves a few inches away from him, but Charlie only moves closer.]

Charlie: But who cares? So how's it goin', buddy? You're lookin' a little bummed. Tell me about it.

Panda: (He sighs.) Just Grizz. He's bein' all bossy 'n stuff.

Charlie: Awe, c'mon, you bitter boy! He's just tryin' to look out for his little Pan Pan!

Panda: Well, I can take care of myself.

Charlie: What? You're really lucky to have an older bro to look after you. Sometimes I really wish I had one. He'd be, like, ten feet tall! (He chuckles.)

Grizzly: (offscreen) Woo-hoo!

[Grizzly and Ice Bear walk into the shot again. Grizzly is brushing dust off of himself, whereas Ice Bear leaves sticks and leaves on his fur.]

Grizzly: Man, that rock, y'know, just, didn't see it comin'!

[Ice Bear removes the leaves and sticks from his fur in one, full brush.]

Grizzly: Heh. Oh, hey, Charlie! What're you doing here?

Charlie: Well, I was washin' my feet in a puddle, when I heard some loud, m-

[This time, Charlie is cut off by howling. The bigfoot holds onto Panda, clearly scared. The three bears look up, with Panda being the one with the most fear.]

Panda: What was that?

Charlie: Oh, man. I've heard rumors of weird things happenin' in this forest. Dangerous animals, hunters, raves.

Grizzly: Oh, come Gri, guys. A lot of that stuff is in your head.

Panda: Then what about those tracks over there?

[Pairs of paw marks appear on the grass.]

Grizzly: (Offscreen.) Aw, pff, nah. Those could easily be raccoon prints.

Charlie: (stuttering) W-W-What about those scratch marks over there?

[We cut to a group of trees, which have been scratched deeply.]

Grizzly: Ah, bunny scratches most likely.

Ice Bear: Ice Bear sees bunnies.

[A pair of wolves appear, their eyes red and menacing. They are growling, slowly stepping forward.]

Charlie: AAH! (runs off into the trees)

[Grizzly stands in front of the two bears, with Panda cowering behind Grizzly.]

Grizzly: Don't worry, guys, I've got this under control.. (He begins whispering.) okay, bros, give me your wallets.

[Grizzly tosses their wallets at the wolves.]

Grizzly: Here you go.

[The wolves briefly check the Bears' wallets, but then disregards them and continues to growl.]

Grizzly: (Nervous laughter.) Sorry about our lack of cash, but may we invite you over to our place for chips and guac?

[The wolves snap at Grizzly again.]

Grizzly: (Grizzly backs up in fear.) Okay, no guac!

[Panda backs up even further and accidentally tangles himself in a spider web. He fumbles around, trying to get it off, but ends up scaring away the wolves instead. By the time he gets it off, the wolves have already fled. Charlie jumps out of a bush and runs over to Panda.]

Charlie: Oh my gosh! Panda! You brave soul! That was incredible! You drove those wolves away like it was nothing! (He kisses Panda's forehead.)

[Panda mumbles incoherently.]

Grizzly: Uh, how did he--

Ice Bear: (He walks over to Panda.) Ice Bear owes you big.

Charlie: That was a stroke of genius! Making yourself more larger and more intimidating!

Ice Bear: Teach Ice Bear how to do that.

Charlie: You're a marvel, champ! You really saved the day!

Panda: Thanks, guys! I guess I did!

[Grizzly walks towards the others and interrupts their congratulating.]

Grizzly: I think it's time to get going! That's enough excitement for one day, right? Heh, heh heh. 

Panda: ..Sure.

[Grizzly climbs on top of the Bear Stack.]

Grizzly: Okay, let's, uh.. wait.

Charlie: Troubles?

Grizzly: Uh, yeah. I guess we got a little turned around back there. I'm not really sure where we are.

Charlie: (Charlie squats down to Panda's height.) Panda, are you GPS-ing? This guy, so prepared!

Panda: I'm not getting a signal, though..

Charlie: Oh, that's easy enough to fix. We'll just move you here (He picks up Grizzly and Panda.) and move you here! (Charlie switches the placement of Panda and Grizzly, putting the former on the top and latter on the bottom.)

[Panda looks around at the amazing view he now can see from being on top.]

Panda: Woah.. It's beautiful up here! (Panda's phone beeps.) Hey, I got a signal! It's this way! (He points forward.)

Grizzly: Right, brothers, forward!

Panda: Uh.. that's what I just said. (Ice Bear begins to walk forward.)

Grizzly: Oh, yeah.

Charlie: (He lifts up the bag the Bears forgot.) Hey Bears, you forgot your water bag!

(Cut to the Bear Cave. Inside, Ice Bear is knitting and Panda is drinking out of a "#1 BIG BROTHER" mug, presumably Grizz's)

Grizzly: Good morning brothers! (yawns) So, I was thinking about what we're gonna do today and- (notices Panda drinking) Hey, you made coffee without me?

Panda:Yeah, I didn't want to wake you, you look so cute and cozy in your bed.

Grizzly: Uhhhh, okay. So, about today.

Panda: Yeah. I was thinking about us going to the mall. You know, do some shopping?

Grizzly: But, um, I was thinking-

Ice Bear: Ice Bear can get new sushi knives.

(Panda and Ice Bear stop what they're doing and walk out of the cave.)

Panda: Great. It's decided.

Grizzly: Wait, what just happened?

[Cut to Grizz coming out throught the front door.]

Grizzly (continued): Huh?

[He notices that Ice Bear is in stack position, but Panda is standing there, waiting for him.]