Cheese Poofies are a cheesy snack food that made its first appearance in the episode "Charlie".

It also appeared in the episodes "Brother Up", "Hibernation", "Creature Mysteries" and "Charlie's Big Foot".


The product is shown in a large, plastic jar with a white lid and a red and orange label. The name of the product on the label reads "Cheese Poofies" in orange text, bordered by yellow. Inside of the jar are, of course, cheese balls.


After Charlie arrived to the Bears' house and did some looking around, he eventually wandered into the kitchen to look for some food and found some Cheese Poofies, proceeding to eat them the moment he saw them.

Brother Up

After Charlie enters the Bears' house through a kitchen window to inform Panda that the Wolf Pack was coming to attack, he opens up a cabinet and takes out a jar of Cheese Poofies.


Ice Bear is seen eating from a bowl of Cheese Poofies, before Grizzly steals it and devours the whole bowl. In the next scene, Grizzly is seen taking a jar of Cheese Poofies out from a cabinet with other food.

Charlie's Big Foot



  • According to Charlie, they are his favorite snack.
  • The Bears likely bought another jar of Cheese Poofies after Charlie's departure, as there is a jar in a cabinet of the Bears' kitchen.

Cultural References

  • Cheese Poofies may be a parody of Utz Cheese Balls, both jars having similarly-looking labels.

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