Chloe's Laptop is a laptop she uses to work on projects for college. It made its first and so far the only appearance in the episode "Chloe".


The laptop is light gray with a cloud logo on its cover.


Chloe used the laptop to transfer her notes about the Bears onto her presentation about their daily lives and behavior for her college class. She forgot to take it with her before she left the day before the presentation was due in a hurry, leaving it behind at the Bears' house. Chloe soon after realized she forgot her laptop, so she texted the Bears and asked if they could return it the next day. The Bears told her they would. They returned it to her the next day as she asked, but not before tampering with her project in their favor.


  • It is the second laptop to appear on the show, the first being the Bears' Laptop.
  • Unlike the Bears' Laptop, we've never clearly seen the actual screen of Chloe's laptop, only seeing its outside.

Cultural References

  • The laptop is possibly a parody of an Apple MacBook or iBook, considering the design and color.

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