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Chloe and Ice Bear Gallery Transcript

[ Chloe wakes up in the morning and plays her mix. She puts on her glasses and her sweater, then brushes her hair. Chloe then goes to get ready for the rest of the day, brushing her teeth and making sandwiches for The Bears. She spreads jelly on all of them, but peanut butter on two of them. She almost spreads peanut butter on the third one, but stops herself.]

Chloe: Oh,- mm, nope nope nope!

[She wipes her cheek, and jelly gets on it. She then puts bags, containing the sandwiches, into her yellow bag, which have the Bears' names on each of them. Chloe finally goes to wash the dishes.}

Mrs. Park : (Speaks in Korean) Oh, did you have a good night's sleep?

Chloe: Morning, mom. I've made you an extra sandwich.

Mrs. Park: Oh, thank you, Chloe. Don't worry about the dishes.

Chloe: Hmm, I don't mind.

Mrs. Park: So, what are you doing today?

Chloe: My friends are gonna come pick me up and we're going to...

[The doorbell rings]

Chloe: Oh, they're here! Gotta go now, bye mom! Love ya!

Mrs. Park: Love you too, don't stay out too late!

[Chloe head towards the door and opens it]

Chloe: Hi-oh...

[ Ice Bear stands at the door, unaccompanied by his brothers.]

Chloe: [a little disappointed] ...hey.

[Ice Bear raises his paw in greeting.]

Chloe: Uh, where are your brothers?

[Chloe's phone vibrates and she takes it out from the pocket of her hoodie.]

Chloe: Oh, it's from Grizz!

[On the screen, Grizz's messages show up, and his message links to a video.]

Chloe: A video?

[Chloe plays the video sent by Grizzly.]

Grizzly [in the video]: Chloe! Oh, I'm really sorry but Pan and I can't make it today, we started this video game dungeon level and if we don't finish now we'll have to start the whole game again, and I just don't think Panda can take it.

Panda [in the video]: Ohh Grizz, get back here, I'm down to my last life and I'm all out of berries!

Grizzly [in the video]: Oh, gonna run Chloe, we'll make it up to you, okay? You two have fun, though. I'm coming to save you, bro!

Panda [in the video]: Ahh, there's like ten wizards!

[The video ends and Chloe looks up at Ice Bear.]

Chloe: Looks like it's just you and me then, huh?

[Ice Bear nods his head.]

Chloe: Pardon me... [Chloe steps out and closes the door.]

[Chloe pushes Ice Bear down the steps of her front porch.]

Chloe: Alright! So, what were you thinking about doing today?

[Ice Bear pulls out an origami unicorn.]

Chloe: Uhh, what's that?

[Ice Bear unfolds it and reveals a long errand list titled, 'Chores for Grizz + Panda'.]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear has errands.

[We pan down the long list for a few moments.]

Chloe: Hmm... that's a lot of errands.

[We cut back to Chloe.]

Chloe: Well, what do you wanna do today?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear already mentioned errands.

[Chloe laughs.]

Chloe: No, like fun stuff! You do fun stuff, right?

[Ice Bear shrugs.]

Chloe: Well, we're not doing chores for your brothers now. Today, we're gonna have fun!

[Chloe takes the list from Ice Bear, only for him to take it back. Chloe quickly takes it and stuffs it into her pocket.]

Chloe: Nope, we're not doin' those. You're gonna have a good time today, I promise. We just gotta figure out what you-[She pokes Ice Bear's abdomen]-wanna do!

[Ice Bear holds the spot where he was poked and watches Chloe walk off. Then, Chloe walks back, taking Ice Bear's paw.]

Chloe: Come on! [They walk off together.]

[Cut to Ice Bear staring out the window of a subway train.]

Chloe: Psst! [Chloe pokes Ice Bear] Hey! I made a list of all the places I want to take you. I got food, sightseeing, you're gonna love all these!

[A bell chimes over the PA.]

PA: Now arriving at Embarcadero.

Chloe: That's our stop! Let's go! [Chloe grabs Ice Bear's paw and pulls him away.]

[Cut to sea lions resting near a pier.]

Chloe: Aw, look at them all! This is the best place to watch the sea lions. It's one of my favorite things to do so I thought you'd like it.

[Chloe looks through a telescope at the sea lions. A sea lion yawns and turns over, knocking another sea lion off the boards they rest on.]

Chloe: Ha! Did you see that? That was- oh.

[Chloe hears a camera shutter and turns. Ice Bear is taking a picture of a man and woman about to pose. Ice Bear gestures for them to pose, and takes the picture.]

Chloe: Sea lions not doing it for you, huh?

[A sea lion barks.]

[Cut to the Golden Gate Bridge, foggy.]

Chloe, voice over: I can't believe you've never done this. Crossing the bridge is like a rite of passage!

[Cut to Chloe and Ice Bear walking across the bridge. Ice Bear closes his eyes against the harsh wind.]

Chloe: So the whole trip there and back is three miles long! And it gives you the best view of the whole city. [Chloe points to the side of the bridge.] C'mon!

[Chloe runs to the side, Ice Bear walks over, eyes still closed.]

Chloe: Alright, feast your eyes on this incredible view!

[Ice Bears squints. The view is completely obstructed by fog.]

Chloe, disappointed: Oh...

[Ice Bear walks away. Chloe turns away to run after him.]

Chloe: Are you hungry?!

[Cut to Chloe and Ice Bear waiting in a line.]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is bored.

[Chloe pats Ice Bear on the abdomen.]

Chloe: Hush, hush! You know, my dad takes me here all the time on weekends. The pastries are so good! The line could be long, but it's worth it promise. Huh?

[Ice Bear pulls the errand list from Chloe's pocket and tries to walk away. Chloe grabs the list and stuffs it back into her pocket.]

Chloe: No! We are waiting in this line and you're gonna love it.

[Time passes showing the two waiting in line through freeze frames. Finally, the two enter the bakery.]

[Cut Chloe staring at pastries on display.]

Chloe: Ah, look at all these! [Chloe starts pointing at pastries.] I'll take this one, this one, two of these, what are you gonna get?

[Chloe looks behind her to see Ice Bear outside, being harassed by a pigeon. Chloe sighs.]

Cashier, off screen: What was it you wanted again, miss?

Chloe, meekly: Oh, nothing actually. I changed my mind. Sorry.

[Cut to Ice Bear being led by Chloe, pointing at a street performer painted gold.]

Chloe: Look at this guy, he never ever moves! Takes a lot of discipline.

[Ice Bear walks around the performer, observing. He stares at the performer who wobbles and begins to sweat.]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is not impressed.

[The performer buries his face in his hands and begins to sob. Ice Bear walks away. Chloe gives coins to the performer and follows Ice Bear.]

Chloe: Sorry...

[Cut to a bookstore window, where a cat licks its paws. Chloe and Ice Bear walk up to the window and the cat meows.]

Chloe: Oh this store is cute, want to go in there?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear has already read these.

[Chloe moves on to another store window, labeled "FREEZ-E FRIDGE". A man is wiping a refrigerator.]

Chloe: Um, you wanna look at, uh, fridges? You like those, right?

[The man waves at the two.]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear already has fridge.

[The two move on and the man returns to wiping his fridge sadly. The next window is labeled "MIKEY-BIKEY".]

Chloe: How about, bikes...wheels and stuff?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is his own wheels.

[Chloe suddenly gasps, startling Ice Bear.]

Chloe: Wait, I got it!

[Cut to Chloe leading Ice Bear around a park. A woman and her dog are in the background.]

Chloe: You're gonna love this! Stay right there! [Chloe walks off screen.] Cover your eyes!

[Ice Bear covers his eyes. The dog walks to Ice Bear and raises its leg to pee on him. Ice Bear kicks the dog, who scampers away.]

Chloe: Okay! [Ice Bear uncovers his eyes.]

[Cut to Chloe sitting in a quadricycle. She toots the horn. Ice Bear stares at her.]

[Cut to a traffic congested uphill street. At the front of the line is the quadricycle, with Chloe pedaling slowly and Ice Bear doing nothing.]

Chloe, panting: So fun! [Ice Bear looks behind them at the traffic.]

[Cut back to the park, Chloe is bent over and pants exhaustedly.]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear knows CPR.

[Chloe waves him away.]

Chloe: Did...did you have a good time?

[Ice Bear nods.]

Chloe, excitedly: You did?

[Ice Bear nods.]

Chloe: I can't believe it! You actually had fun!

[Ice Bear nods. Chloe's face falls.]

Chloe: The most fun you've had in your whole life?

[Ice Bear nods. Chloe sighs and turns away.]

Chloe: You didn't like it at all, did you?

[Ice Bear begins to nod, but then shakes his head. Chloe hangs her head in defeat.]

[Cut the interior of a diner. Chloe stares at her waffles while Ice Bear drinks from a mug. A waiter walks by.]

Waiter: Some more hot water for you, sir?

[Ice Bear hands her his mug.]

Waiter, to Chloe: Anything else for you, sweetie?

Chloe: I'm fine, thank you.

[The waiter walks off. Chloe stares glumly at her food.]

Chloe: So, uh, do you uh, like waffles? [Chloe stabs her waffle with a fork.]

[Ice Bear's ear twitches. Chloe's waffle falls off her fork and she sighs.]

Chloe: Think, Chloe! What else can we do?

[Ice Bear starts to stack packs of coffee creamer. Chloe joins in. The stack gets higher and higher, and Ice Bear slides the last pack to Chloe. Chloe puts it on the top, only for the stack to fall apart.]

Chloe: Sorry.

[The waiter returns.]

Waiter: Here's your hot water.

[The waiter hands the mug to Ice Bear and leaves. Chloe stares at Ice Bear and then looks away.]

[Cut to outside of the diner. The two start to walk away.]

Chloe: Thanks again for the waffles. And I guess we should just head home. I'm sorry we never found something fun for you, I- I really wanted you to- huh?

[Chloe stops. Ice Bear is no longer following her. Chloe walks to Ice Bear.]

Chloe: You okay?

[Ice Bear is staring at an advertisement for The Natural Science Museum on the side of a bus. An albino alligator takes up most of the space.]

Chloe: Oh, the museum! Have you ever been?

[Ice Bear walks closer to the bus.]

Chloe: The rare albino alligator is amazing!

[Ice Bear puts his paw on the alligator and stares forlornly.]

Chloe: Uh, do you wanna see the alligator?

[Ice Bear gives an approving look to Chloe. Chloe leads Ice Bear on the bus.]

Chloe: C'mon, let's go!

[Cut to the front of the museum. The sun is setting.]

Chloe: Hi, may we have two tickets to the museum, please?

Ticket vendor: The museum closes in twenty minutes. Do you still want the tickets?

Chloe: Yes, please.

Ice Bear: And a map.

Chloe: Yes, and a map.

[Cut to Chloe looking at the map.]

Chloe: Okay, here we are at the entrance. [Chloe points.] We just need to go through the aquarium, to the planetarium, past the tide pool touch tanks, one of my personal favorites-

[Ice Bear points at the picture of the albino alligator. Chloe pushes his paw away.]

Chloe: Don't worry, we'll see the alligator, I promise. Then we go through the animal hall, to the albino alligator! Well, let's get going, c'mon! [Chloe grabs Ice Bear's paw and leads him away.]

[Cut to a jellyfish in an aquarium.]

Chloe: This is the moon jelly tube. Did you know that moon jellies can be found in every ocean? Look at that big one!

[Cut to the butterfly room.]

Chloe: This is the butterfly room. It has over 150 butterflies and 40 different species.

[Cut to the planetarium.]

Chloe: Whoa. Did you know the universe contains hundreds of billions of galaxies? In fact, a recent study esti- oh, okay.

[Ice Bear grabs Chloe's hand and leads her away.]

[Cut to the two looking at crabs.]

Chloe: And this one's a decorator crab.

[Ice Bear grunts and raises his paws.]

Chloe: They collect little pieces of kelp and sedimentary...hmm?

[Ice Bear turns away to stare at an albino alligator poster.]

Chloe: Oh, right. C'mon, let's go!

[Cut to the two walking down the animal hallway. In the background, there is a scene depicting an animal being eaten by tigers. A bell chimes over the PA.]

PA: Attention, guests. The museum will be closing in five minutes.

Chloe: What?! No! It can't close! We're so close- wait, stop!

[People are walking away, staring at Chloe.]

Chloe: They can't close if we all stay! Wait!

[Ice Bear begins to walk away, but Chloe grabs his paw.]

Chloe: I told you we're gonna see that alligator, and we're not leaving until we do. I think I have a plan.

[Chloe grins mischievously. Cut to a guard humming, walking down the hallway with a flashlight. The guard stops when he hears a noise.]

Guard: Who's there?!

[The guard shines his flashlight on the tiger scene. Ice Bear is in the exhibit, with Chloe hanging from his mouth. The guard walks closer, then walks away.]

[Chloe opens Ice Bears mouth and jumps out.]

Chloe: Okay, it's clear. C'mon, this way.

[As Chloe leaves, she bumps a tiger, knocking it out of place. Ice Bear readjusts the tiger.]

[The two walk up to the alligator's habitat.]

Chloe: Whoa.

[The two crane their necks to find the alligator.]

Chloe: Hey, over there. You can see its tail!

[The alligator's tail pokes out of its cave.]

Chloe: Why is he hiding? We just gotta get his attention. Hey! Hello, alligator! Please come out!

[The alligator doesn't respond. Ice Bear turns away.]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear thinks it's time to go home and albino alligator.

Chloe: Hmph! You are gonna see that alligator. Just wait here, okay?

[Chloe climbs over the fence into the alligator's habitat. Ice Bear's eyes widen and he turns to see Chloe walking towards the alligator's cave.]

Ice Bear: Chloe!

[Ice Bear turns to see the guard's flashlight.]

Guard: Hello? Someone there?

[Cut to Chloe with a sandwich in her hands.]

Chloe: Come on out! I have Panda's jelly sandwich for you!

[Cut back to Ice Bear.]

Guard: Hello?

[With a grunt, Ice Bear jumps into the habitat.]

Chloe: I know you prefer to eat- ah!

[Ice Bear grabs Chloe to hide, who drops the sandwich. The alligator shifts its tail. The guard walks up to the habitat.]

Guard: Hello?

[The guard shines his flashlight on the sandwich.]

Guard: What the?

[The guard moves his light, which briefly shines on Ice Bear's foot, who pulls it away.]

Guard: Huh. Kids these days. Wasting good sandwiches...

[The guard walks off. Chloe sighs in relief.]

Chloe: Huh?

[The alligator snarls and Chloe presses up to Ice Bear.]

Chloe: Uh, did you hear that?

[The alligator growls again, and the two look towards the cave. The alligator's eyes glow in the darkness. It steps out of the cave and sniffs the sandwich. The two stare at it, scared. Ice Bear pushes Chloe behind him. The alligator sniffs the sandwich again and then walks up to Ice Bear and Chloe. The alligator sniffs Ice Bear, who shrinks back. The two stare at each other, then the alligator walks back to its cave, taking the sandwich. Chloe pulls on Ice Bear's arm, who is still staring at the alligator.]

Chloe: C'mon! Let's get out of here.

[Ice Bear takes another look at the alligator.]

Chloe: Let's go, hurry!

[Ice Bear pulls Chloe up from the habitat.]

Chloe: Hey, I'm sorry for causing so much trouble. I just wanted you to have fun today.

[Ice Bear touches Chloe's shoulder, and she looks up. Ice Bear smiles at her, who smiles back.]

[Cut to Chloe taking sandwiches out of her backpack. The two sit on the museum's front steps. As the two eat, Chloe's phone buzzes.]

Chloe: Oh, it's Grizz again!

Grizz, on video: Hey dudes. Hope you had a good time today. Ah, but you kinda need to come home soon little bro. [Hushed] Panda had a, uh, bad day.

[The camera pans to Panda, sitting cross-armed with a broken console nearby.]

Panda: It was rigged!

Grizz: Uh, so if you could pick us up, uh, like, a new console on your way home, that'd be great. Okay, bye! Love yo-

[The video ends. A text from Chloe's mom appears, reading "Almost there!"]

Chloe: Oh, my mom will be here soon.

[Ice Bear finishes his sandwich.]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear enjoyed the sandwich.

Chloe: You're welcome!

[A horn honks and Mrs. Park pulls up. The two enter the car.]

Mrs. Park: So, did you guys have fun today?

[Mrs. Park looks in the rear view mirror. The two are sleeping with each other's heads on their shoulders.]

[The episode ends.]