Coffee Cave Gallery Transcript
This is a transcribed copy of the episode "Coffee Cave".

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(The episode begins with Grizzly and Panda resting upon a set of metal outdoor chaise lounge chairs out in front of their cave. Both Panda and Grizzly can be seen resting near the cave's right side with bored expressions on their faces)

Panda: (Looking at his phone) You wanna watch something on TV?

Grizzly: Eh, I already finished binge watching everything.

Panda: Hmm...

Grizzly: Wanna shoot some hoops at the park?

Panda: Ball's flat.

Grizzly: (Sighs) Did anyone get back to us about hanging out today?

Panda: (Begins checking on his phone for any responses) Nope. No one's online.

Grizzly: (Slumps further into his chair) Ugh, I wish there was something to do.

Ice Bear: (Comes out from the cave's front door with his apron on, and with cups of coffee in both of his paws) (Walks near Grizzly) Wake-up coffee.

Grizzly: Ah~ Thanks, bro. (Grabs a cup from Ice Bear) Hah, look at that!

Ice Bear: (Walks near Panda and offers the other cup to him)

Panda: (Grabs the cup from Ice Bear) Thank you.

Grizzly: (Amused) He did the little foam-art thing again. (Shows his cup to Panda)

Panda: Whoa, cool, mine too! (Shows his cup to Grizzly)

Grizzly: Ah! It's a little me and you!

Grizzly & Panda: (Take a sip of their cups of coffee in-sync)

Panda: (Stops drinking, and exhales pleasing) That is so good!

Grizzly: Ah, woke me right up! (Looks at Ice Bear) Aren't you drinking any?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear doesn't drink coffee. Does not agree with Ice Bear.

(Camera cuts behind the bears' heads as a female jogger comes jogging in from the right side. She has her hair wrapped in a ponytail with a plum-colored hairband; she has a white t-shirt on with pink outlines around the shirt's neck hole and around the arms' holes; a black pair of leggings, and a pair of two-toned purple shoes)

Jogging Woman: (Stops in the middle of her jogging, and jogs in place) (Sniffing the aroma of the coffee) Mmm, that smells amazing! Is there a café around? I could really use some coffee about now.

Panda: Oh, sorry no, that's just my brother, he--

Grizzly: (Cuts Panda off, and chimes in excitingly) Makes the best coffee in the forest! Wanna come in, grab a cup of coffee, and hang out a bit? (Smiles at her)

Jogging Woman: (Has a weird look at first, but soon smiles) ...Okay!

(Scene cuts to a coffee brewer as it begins shooting out the black coffee into a white cup. It then cuts to an espresso maker as it's shooting out its content into a frothing pitcher which is being held by Ice Bear. The scene cuts again to Ice Bear pouring the content from the frothing pitcher into the cup of black coffee. The scene cuts one last time to Grizzly, Panda, and the jogging woman sitting at on the couch talking)

Panda: (Shyly taps his paws together as he sheepishly smiles) Sooo umm, you just go for jogs alone in the forest often? Is-Is that--

Jogging Woman: Well, actually I--

Ice Bear: (Walks toward the woman with her cup of coffee, offering it to her) Coffee ready.

Jogging Woman: Ah, thank you~! (Grabs the coffee from Ice Bear) I needed this!... Whoa! (Cuts to the coffee itself with a froth-art design of her jogging) Is that me? That's amazing~! (Takes out her phone from her pocket) I gotta show my friends, they'll love this! (Takes a photo of the coffee with her phone's camera) (Looks at Ice Bear) Hey, would you mind if they stopped by, and had a cup too?

Ice Bear: (Grows a kind of stern look on his face) That was last pot of coffee.

Grizzly: But you can make some more! Right, bro?

Ice Bear: ...Ice Bear on it. (Walks back to the kitchen)

Jogging Woman: Awesome! I'll give'em a call!

(Cuts to the same scenes seen of Ice Bear doing the same process he did to make the jogging woman's coffee. Cuts to Grizzly, Panda, the jogging woman, and two of her friends sitting around the couch)

Female Friend: And then I realized, I was wearing his shoes!

All: (Everyone begins laughing)

Ice Bear: (Comes walking in with a plate that holds 3 cups of coffee, walks towards the jogging woman, and hands her a cup) Coffee for friends.

Jogging Woman: (Takes her cup of coffee from Ice Bear) Ah, thank you! (Begins drinking it)

Ice Bear: (Gives a cup to the jogging woman's female friend)

Female Friend: (Gasps excitingly) Whoa, I got a little snowman!

Ice Bear: (Hands the last cup of coffee to the jogging woman's male friend)

Male Friend: (Takes his cup from Ice Bear) Ooh, no way! Is that a record player? (Takes a sip) Ah, Tastes way better than digital.

Ice Bear: (Lightly bows) Ice Bear is happy you like.

Jogging Woman: You know, you guys should totally open a café!

Panda: (Turns his head towards her with a look of confusion) Hmm?

Female Friend: Yeah! Tons of people would wanna come here!

Grizzly: Really?

Female Friend: For sure! You've already got the coffee and location, all you need is the name.

Grizzly: (Places his right paw under his mouth as he ponders) A name... how about, um, "Polar Bear Café"?

Panda: Uh, I think that's taken already.

Jogging Woman: How about "Java Cavern"?

Male Friend: Wait wait... "Bearista's"!

Grizzly: (Jumps up on his feet and throws his arms up) I got it! We'll call it--

(Scene cuts to the outside of the cave with a sign above the front door that reads "Coffee Cave" upon it. Camera pans down to the front door where a chalkboard sign display now rests on the door's left side that reads "Sepcials: Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Americano". Also now in the front hangs a neon lit sign that reads "Open")

Panda: (Comes running out from the front door with a dark green apron on and tied around him) (Directs his arms towards the front door) Coffee Cave is open for business! Come on in! Welcome! We got coffee!

(A few people walking into the Coffee Cave as they gossip about how interesting the café is. Scene cuts to Ice Bear's paw as he just finishes another froth-art drawing of a cat's head)

Ice Bear: (Is also wearing a dark green apron) (Rings the order bell to signal Grizzly he's done) Order up.

Grizzly: (Comes walking in from the left side with a dark green apron on as well) Aha, thanks, bro! (Takes the coffee and begins walking towards the left as the camera begins panning left as Grizzly walks)

Group of People: (Sitting on a couch) Hey Grizz!

Grizzly: (Walking) Hey guys, what up? (Stops at a table to check up on someone who's typing on a computer) Tony, how's that screenplay coming?

Tony: (Stops typing and looks at Grizzly) (Gives Grizzly a thumbs-up) Great, Grizz! Just finishing up! (Goes back to typing)

Grizzly: Haha, fantastic! I just want a chance to audition (Walks away from Tony to then meet up with Panda and the jogging female)

Panda: Hey Grizz! You remember Jen(the jogging woman) from earlier?

Jen: Hey! (Waves at Grizzly)

Grizzly: He-hey Jen! Good to see ya again! (Goes back to walking to then stop at the table with 2 customers) (Places the cup down in front of one of the customers sitting) There ya go, one special!

Male Customer: (Holds coffee with both hands) Whoa, another perfect coffee! (Turns to Grizzly) Hey, you know, you wanna take a break and hang out with us for a bit?

Male Customer 2: Yeah!

Grizzly: (Giggles) Alright!

Ice Bear: (Is filling cup after cup after cup with black coffee) (Cuts to a frothing pitcher getting filled up with creamer from an espresso maker) (Has a focused, yet lightly exhausted look on his face as he wipes the sweat off of his head with his left paw) (Cuts to his left paw hitting the bell to signal that another cup is finished, and everytime the bell is rung, the coffee's froth-art changes; the froth-art consisting of a dog's head, a plane, a horse, a bird, a fox, and finally, a dragon.)

(Scene cuts to the outside of cave due to the line's sheer length. The line itself cuts in with different people going in the Coffee Cave)

Panda: (Cuts to him hanging out with Jen as he rests his head upon both of his paws, has a very daydreamy look on his face as he smiles with his eyes half shut and his face blushing)

Jen: And I was like "No way!", but she was like "Yeah way!"

Grizzly: (Walks towards Jen with a new cup of coffee, then giving it to her) Here's your special! (Walks off)

Jen: (Grabs the new cup from Grizzly) Thanks Grizz! (Takes a sip of the coffee, but stops and looks at it weirdly) Huh... this coffee kind of tastes funny.

Panda: (Still keeping his daydream look as he talks as though he's in a trance) Yeah, so funny-- wait, what?? (Snaps out of his trance-like state, and grows a surprised look)

Jen: (Looks at Panda very unamused) It's gross.

Panda: Hey, don't you worry about it, I'll take care of it, okay? (Calls out to Grizzly as he raises his left paw up) Hey Grizz, can we get another special?

Grizzly: Yep! (Walks near the serving counter) One more special, coming right up!

Ice Bear: (Places a cup upon the counter)

Grizzly: (Looks at the cup with a surprised look)

(Scene cuts to a shot of the coffee with a froth-art drawing of a blob frowning) (Camera pans up on Ice Bear)

Ice Bear: (Has a completely tired and exhausted look on his face with his eyes half-open, his left apron shoulder holder drooping off of his shoulder, and with visible bags under his eyes)

Grizzly: Huh?! What the-- what is that? Is that avant garde?

Other Male Customer: Ugh, this coffee's kind of jank, man. (Gets up from his seat) I'll catch up with ya later. (Walks out of the Coffee Cave)

Grizzly: (Sees all of what happened, and turns back at the cup with a harsh realization) Ooh no. (Begins running to the left in a panicked state) Panda!

(Scene cuts to a cup being filled beyond its maximum carrying limit with black coffee, it beginning to flow out of the cup rapidly)

Ice Bear: (Grabs the overflown cup of black coffee, and begins pouring an endless amount of creamer inside of the coffee, causing it to spill out even more and onto the floor of the kitchen) (Has the same completely exhausted and tired look on his face with both of his ears now drooping down, not evening noticing the coffee is overflowing)

Panda: (Is getting dragged into the kitchen by his left arm by Grizzly) Dude, what's the problem?!

Grizzly: (Points at Ice Bear) That's the problem!

Panda: (Looks at Ice Bear, and is caught off guard by what he sees) Huh?

Ice Bear: (Continuing to pour the creamer into the beyond overflown cup of coffee)

Grizzly & Panda: (Both come running towards Ice Bear)

Panda: (Grabs the overflown cup of coffee from Ice Bear) Bro, what's going on?

Grizzly: (Grabs the frothing pitcher out of Ice Bear's right paw) (Places his left paw on Ice Bear's back) Uh-- this coffee is making people leave. People expect a certain level of quality here.

Ice Bear: Sorry... Ice tired is getting Bear... (Begins bending forward as the exhaustion and tiredness get the better of him, causing hims to lack any energy)

Grizzly & Panda: (Manually raise Ice Bear back up before he falls over forward) No no no no no / No no no no no no no, friend!

Panda: Here! Have a cup of coffee, it'll wake you right up! (Offers the coffee to Ice Bear)

Ice Bear: (Signals it away a bit with his right paw) Ice Bear can't handle caffeine.

Panda: Come on man, we don't wanna let people down! And I'm pretty sure Jen is about to give me her digits--

Jen: (Seen from the kitchen opening) (Says in a cheery tone) Hey Panda! How's that special coming?

Panda: (Looks back at Ice Bear with a now worried and desperate look on his face as his eyes widen) (Quietly and desperately) Mm, Please!!

Ice Bear: (Signals it away with both of his paws) Ice Bear shouldn't.

Grizzly: Please bro, this is the most people have wanted to hang out with us since... ever actually! (Begins growing a slightly desperate tone himself) Do it for us? Please?

Ice Bear: (Grows a scared, yet slightly worried look on his face) (Gives into the peer pressure, grabs the cup of coffee from Panda's paws with his right paw, and begins drinking the coffee)

Grizzly & Panda: (Both place a paw under Ice Bear's paws, beginning to slightly push the cup up as Ice Bear drinks)

Grizzly: There we go!

Panda: That's it, just a little more...

Grizzly: That a boy!

Ice Bear: (Finishes the entire cup of coffee, and in no time flat, the coffee immediately kicks it) (Pupils of his eyes are enlarged as his expression changes drastically, and his ears spring upward) (Cups of coffee fly from behind his head, representing the coffee's effect is at full force) (Swiftly slams the cup into the coffee brewer and pours the perfect amount of black coffee in) (Throws the cup filled with black coffee up in the air, it then landing in his left paw with all of the liquid falling back into the cup) (Quickly puts the cup down, and begins pouring the creamer in quickly, even spinning an inhuman amount of times as he pours and designs the coffee) (Slides the coffee over towards Grizzly & Panda, the coffee's froth-art now turned into a full 3D sculpture of a castle made out of froth)

Grizzly & Panda: (Both look at the cup with great surprise and astonishment)

Grizzly: (High-fives Panda) (Super happy) We're back in business! Woohoo!

Panda: (Super happy) Yeah!

Group of People [Male]: Maybe we should get going--

Grizzly: (Comes rushing in from the right with their coffees) Sorry for the delay! (Hands them their coffees, runs off) (The male's froth-sculpture is of a duck, and the female's froth-sculpture is of a whale shooting water from its blowhole)

Group of People [Male]: Woah!

Group of People [Both]: (Sip their coffee)

Group of People [Female]: Ah, it's so good! (Clinks cup with the male)

Ice Bear: (Cuts to him grinding the coffee beans very quickly with his eyes looking above the coffee grinder)

Grizzly: (Comes in from the left side, and puts a cup of coffee in front of Ice Bear's face, worried and wanting to make sure Ice Bear is awake)

Ice Bear: (Instantly turns his head, and drinks the entire cup of coffee) (Goes back to looking above the coffee grinder)

Grizzly: (Walks out of the kitchen)

Jen: (Texting on her phone "He's cute, but the coffee is gross")

Panda: (Places a cup of coffee down on the table in front of Jen that has a froth-sculpture of a rose, sheepishly smiling)

Jen: (Immediately stops texting, and gasps with a feeling of flattery) (Looks lovingly in Panda's eyes as she places both of her hands over Panda's paws while he still holds onto the cup)

Panda: (Sees Jen place her hands on top of his paws, and begins blushing heavily as his eyes widen)

Ice Bear: (Cuts back to him pouring the creamer into the cups of black coffee, one cup having a deer, and another one having an elephant)

Panda: (Sticks his paw out from the right with a cup of coffee in front of Ice Bear's face)

Ice Bear: (Immediately drinks it as soon as it's near him, and quickly resumes his immense level of work)

(Scene cuts to a bird's eye view of the whole interior of the Coffee Cave's dining area, the screen cutting to new people drinking and talking with the others. Grizzly is going around talking and interacting with the people, while Panda stays at the table with Jen as the both of them talk to each other)

Ice Bear: (Cuts to his mouth laying under the coffee brewer's nozzle as he begins shooting black coffee into his mouth for an extended period of time)

Pair of Customers: (Witness Ice Bear drinking straight from the coffee brewer with shock on their faces)

Ice Bear: (Begins pouring a huge amount of froth into a cup of black coffee in front of a crowd of customers as they watch the event play out) (Is swiftly swiping the two sticks he holds across and through the froth, the cup itself off-screen as he's doing so) (Taps a stick onto the now finished froth-sculpture of David, Michelangelo's Statue of David)

Crowd of Customers: (Everyone takes out their phones, and begin taking pictures of Ice Bear and the amazing froth-sculpture of David)

Grizzly & Panda: (Run in the kitchen with Ice Bear as the crowd snaps their photos, Grizzly being on Ice Bear's right side, hugging him, and smiling, and Panda being on Ice Bear's left side, hugging him, and smiling)

Ice Bear: (Camera cuts to Ice Bear's eyes which are blood shot and wide open, his pupils now looking like a cup of coffee with steam rising from it)

(Scene cuts to a close-up of the Coffee Cave's right window where the neon "Open" sign hangs as it gets turned off. Scene then cuts to Grizzly and Panda saying good-bye to the last customer leaving)

Male Customer: Thanks guys, I'm gonna bring my whole study group tomorrow! (Walks out of the Coffee Cave)

Grizzly: See you later!

Panda: Take care! (Closes the door after the male customer leaves)

Grizzly: (Throws his paws up in the air as he almost shouts with such excitement) What an amazing day! So many new friends! (Yawns loudly as he places his left paw over his mouth)

Panda: (Responds with the same amount of excitement as Grizzly has) Yeah! And they'll be even more tomorrow!

Grizzly: (Begins walking towards his room as he keeps his attention on Panda) I need a good-night sleep. Got another big day ahead of us! (Looks at Ice Bear, and waves good-night to him) Ah,  good job today bro, you're carrying us!

Panda: (Waves good-night to Ice Bear as he follows Grizzly to his own room) Good-niiiight!

Ice Bear: Ice Bear does great job. (Is staring blankly at nothing while his brothers wave and say good-night to him) (Still has the huge wide eyes, even pieces of his fur are beginning to stick up from all of the caffeine) (Lifts a cup of coffee under his mouth from under the counter with his right paw) Ice Bear does great job. (Takes a sip from the cup, and grows a light smile) (The smile is interrupted by a sudden twitch Ice Bear has that causes his left shoulder to shoot upward, his left eye to twitch, and his fur to stick up a little more; soon goes back to his light smile)

(Screen fades to black, and then switches to the next day where we're greeted with the outside of the Coffee Cave. The shot then changes to the interior of the pathway that leads to Grizzly's room and Panda's room with a bit of the dining area showing as well. The dining hall itself is in not the best condition for there are many cups of coffee either spilled over onto the table their on, lay half drinken, or just have coffee remains around the cup itself. Also on the tables lay a bunch of wadded-up tissues, paper, and other pieces of trash; there even being a wooden stool flipped over onto its side)

Grizzly & Panda: (Come out from the sides of the pathway opening, the both of them either straightening or tieing their dark green apron)

Grizzly: (Stops when he sees Panda) Hey! You ready for another awesome day?

Panda: (Straightening his apron) Yep!

Grizzly & Panda: (Walk into the Coffee Cave's dining room to then see the huge mess)

Grizzly: (Immediately stops walking for a bit) Huh?! What's going on here? (Walks further into the dining room) We cleaned up the place last night, right? (Confused)

Panda: (Follows Grizzly as he walks further into the room) Uh... yeah I.. I think so--

(A loud crash is heard off screen, causing both Grizzly & Panda to jump)

Grizzly: (Eyes widen) Whoa!

Ice Bear: (Comes walking in from the shadows of the dimly lit kitchen holding the entire coffee brewer in his right arm) (Is drinking an entire cup of coffee as he walks forward, soon coming to a stop at the kitchen's serving counter which is riddled with empty tipped-over cups, brown paper bags containing coffee beans, and even a stained frothing pitcher) (Has coffee stained all around his mouth, even his teeth are stained brown from the amount of coffee he has drinken) (Finishes his cup, and exhales with his eyes wide open) Welcome... to Coffee... Cave.

Panda: (Has a look of relief when he realizes the sound came from Ice Bear) Geez... you scared us.

Grizzly: (Has a look of slight concern on his face) (Places his left paw under his chin as he now grows a puzzled look) Uh... are you okay, little bro?

(Knocks on the front door are heard)

Grizzly: (Looks over at where he heard the knocking) Huh? (Slightly moves the curtains covering the Coffee Cave's right-side window, and takes a peek outside)

(Camera switches to the outside of the Coffee Cave, where we see a long line of customers waiting near the front door waiting for the Coffee Cave to open; gossiping about the Coffee Cave while doing so)

Grizzly: (Excitingly gasps as he turns around with an excited look) We got customers! Okay, get ready get ready.

(The neon open sign located on the outside of the Coffee Cave's right-side window flashes on)

Grizzly: (Is standing at the front door) (Cheerfully) Hey! Welcome to the Coffee Cave! Hey there, good to see ya again! Repeat customers and everything's going great!

(Camera pans over to Ice Bear in the kitchen, and Panda standing near the serving counter with two other customers waiting for their order)

Panda: (Grabs a cup from the serving counter) Alright, one Americano coming right-- oop. What... huh? (Looks down into the cup to see it nearly empty) Okay umm... (Grabs another cup, only to see it too is empty) hmm... Dude, these are all empty, okay-- oh wait, nevermind this one's good. (Goes to grab a full cup of coffee from the serving counter)

Ice Bear: (Before Panda can pick it up, suddenly slams his right arm upon Panda's left arm hard, causing Panda's arm to be pinned down and unable to move) (Basically gripping upon Panda's arm)

Panda: Ah, ah what are you doing? You're-- hurting me. (Looks at Ice Bear shaken and scared)

Ice Bear: (Is looking down at Panda's arm intently before moving his wide eyes up at Panda) Ice Bear needs coffee.

Panda: What?

Ice Bear: (Forcefully lifts Panda's arm up towards his mouth, making him pour the coffee into his mouth against his own will)

Panda: (The pain he feels from Ice Bear's rough grip causes him to let go of the cups he was holding in his right arm) Oh, That Hurts!

Male Customer: (Alongside with 3 other customers viewing the whole event play out) Uh... did you just drink my coffee?

Grizzly: (Comes running in from the left side concerned) Excuse me! Coming through! Hey, hey guys, what's taking so long? Customers are-- huh!?

Panda: (Still has his left arm forcefully lifted up by Ice Bear as he stands there feeling the pain Ice Bear's rough grip is giving him) No, stop, stop it!--

Ice Bear: (Lets go of Panda's arm as he places both of his paws under the cup of coffee to push it more into his mouth)

Panda: (Gets his arm back, and holds it in his right paw as he rubs the part of his arm where it was gripped upon) Oh.

Ice Bear: (Finishes the entire cup of coffee) (Exhales) Ice Bear will make more coffee. (Places the cup down, grabs a brown bag full of coffee beans, and pours it in into the coffee grinder) (Closes the grinder's lid and begins grinding the coffee beans) (While doing so takes that same coffee bean bag, and pours coffee beans into his mouth, beginning to crunch them in his mouth)

Panda: (Is looking at Ice Bear bewildered) Eh...

Grizzly: (Comes running towards the serving counter with a worried look) Okay! Uh, you should take it easy on the coffee now.

Panda: (Places his paws on the sides of his head) Yeah! You're losing your mind!

Grizzly: (Extends his hand towards the bag of coffee beans) Hand over the beans, and the-- (Begins trying to take the coffee beans away from Ice Bear, but is struggling to get it out of his grip)

Ice Bear: (Keeps his grip tight upon the coffee bean bag) Last bag of beans...

Grizzly: (Finally gets the bag of beans out of Ice Bear's grip) Nag!

Male Customer: (Walks in with his arms crossed and with an impatient look on his face) Hey!

Grizzly: (Looks over at the male customer) Huh?

Male Customer: (Irritated tone) Where's my coffee, man? What's going on?

Grizzly: (While talking, is unintentionally waving the bag of beans in front of Ice Bear's face) Uh-- sorry about that! We had a bit of a hiccup with our machine. Your coffee will be right out!

Ice Bear: (His eyes are following the bag of coffee as it's being moved around while Grizzly speaks with the irritated customers)

Grizzly: (Turns towards Ice Bear and begins lightly pushing him away from the serving counter) Okay, night time for you buddy, sleep tight. (Turns to Panda) Okay quick, look up "How To Make Coffee".

Panda: (Quickly gets out his phone, and begins tapping on it trying to search up what Grizzly told him to)

Grizzly: (Looks back at the customers with a reassuring smile) Hey guys, thanks for waiting! We're just gonna look on the Internet for a new business model.

Male Customer: (Looks at the customers behind him) let's get outta here.

Grizzly: (Grows a worried and slightly desperate tone to his voice) No, don't leave! We can play some video games while you wait!--

Ice Bear: (While Grizzly is talking, comes back walking into the kitchen with his axe now in his paws) (Prepares his downward swing while Grizzly is finishing up what he has to say, and as soon as Grizzly completes his sentence, he slices the serving counter in half right in the middle, causing wooden debris to fly and causing the coffee brewer to fall down to the ground)

(The coffee brewer strikes the ground, and begins discharging a huge amount of steam, causing the entire Coffee Cave to be drowned in thick fog-like steam)

All Customers: (See the vicious strike Ice Bear makes, all of their faces having a look of terror) (They all begin running out of the Coffee Cave as the steam being discharged from the coffee brewer begins growing thicker and bigger, them all screaming for dear life)

(Scene cuts to Grizzly and Panda desperately trying to put an end to the coffee brewer discharging its steam, both of them having a worried and panicked face)

Panda: (Quickly maneuvering his right paw around the coffee brewer trying to stop the coffee brewer's exhaustion of endless blinding steam) Ah! Make it stop, make it stop!

Grizzly: (Doing the same as Panda is doing, eyes wide with panic) I'm trying!

Ice Bear: (Slowly walks up behind Grizzly and Panda back with his axe in his paws)

Grizzly: Huh?

Grizzly & Panda: (Both look away from the coffee brewer to see what's behind them, and as soon as they do, they begin looking up upon Ice Bear; their eyes widening with horror)

Ice Bear: (Camera pans up on Ice Bear's upper half) (His whites of his eyes are now faded red while his pupils are a bright red, staring blankly towards his direction and never looking down at Panda or Grizzly) (Has a blank look on his face as he holds onto his axe tightly and along his right side)

Grizzly & Panda: (Are completely still when looking at their brother who's appearance has become startling) (Their faces still with pure fearful awe)

Ice Bear: Ice Bear.. needs.. more.. coffee. (The last word, 'Coffee', is said with a demonic overlay and deep tone) (After saying his sentence, he raises his axe over his head and prepares to fiercely swing it downward and possibly on Grizzly and Panda)

Grizzly & Panda: (In a state of panic and fear, quickly crawl to their right away from the coffee brewer, and away from Ice Bear who's getting ready to swing his axe upon them) (Let out screams of fear as they're crawling away)

Ice Bear: (Keeps his stance as his eyes follow Grizzly and Panda)

Grizzly & Panda: (Cuts to the both of them emerging the drowning steam and somewhere else that's away from Ice Bear, Grizzly still keeping his grip upon the coffee bean bag he took from Ice Bear) (Both are panting quickly as they stop crawling for a bit)

Grizzly: (Quickly looks over at Panda with the same fearful look he had when he looked at Ice Bear) You okay?

Panda: (Looks at Grizzly when he begins speaking to him) (Has a distressed look on his face) Yeah...

(Sounds from Ice Bear can be heard, the realistic sound of a bear snarling)

Grizzly & Panda: (Quickly look towards their right when they hear the sound) (Letting out a startled gasp)

Grizzly: Dude, we gotta get out of the cave! Follow me! (Goes back to the crawling postion and begins crawling towards his left side)

Panda: (Follows Grizzly)

(Camera cuts to the very bottom of a wooden door surrounded by the same steam that was discharged by the coffee brewer)

Grizzly: (His left paw pushes the door to the side to then crawl forward through it) (Grows a rushed, yet sincere smile) (Laughs to himself relieved) I think we're outside! (Turns towards Panda) We're safe!

Panda: (Keeps his distressed look as he pulls up a book from the floor they're in, the side of it having the text, "1 Ninja Love", written on it) No, I think we're in my room.

Grizzly & Panda: (Rise up from their all fours and scan the steam-drowned room cautiously)

Grizzly: (Says in a tone of disbelief) Wha-?! How'd we end up here?!

Panda: I don't know!

(Sounds of something skittering around can be heard)

Grizzly & Panda: (Let out a light startled "Eep")

Grizzly: Who's there?!

Panda: (Is slightly hiding behind Grizzly) We should hide!

Grizzly: (Begins walking forward through Panda's room while keeping his view up, cautiously looking around the blinded area) Dude, we're sorry! We shouldn't have fed you all that coffee!

(More skittering noises are heard)

Grizzly: Huh?! (Squints as he's trying to scope out where the skittering is coming from)

Panda: (Looking around as well fearfully) What?!

Grizzly: (Looking instensly at something) What... is that?... (Gasps)

(Camera cuts to a wall that has a small opening that allows the 2 bears to see beyond the steam. More skittering noises can be heard)

Ice Bear: (Emerges from the bottom of the steam with him crawling effortlessly up the wall to the area of the wall that's not covered up by the steam) (Stops crawling suddenly to then do an almost 180° turn of his head, his eyes now locked upon Grizzly and Panda) (His axe is held by the grip he has on it with his coffee-stained teeth) 

(Echoes) coffee, coffee coffee.... beans, beans beans....

Ice Bear: (Looks back at the wall, and goes back to quickly crawling up upon the wall until he's back in the thick steam)

Panda: (Is now fully behind Grizzly trying to comprehend what he just witnessed) Ah!

Grizzly: (Frozen still, trying to comprehend what he witnessed) (Says in disbelief) How are you even doing that?!

(The skittering noise are heard throughout the room Grizzly and Panda are standing in)

Panda: (Franctically looking around the room) Where did he go? Where'd he go?!

Grizzly: (Looking around the room just as franctically as Panda) I don't know! (Turns towards Panda, and tightly hugs him) Hold me, Panda.

Panda: (Returns with an equally tight hug on Grizzly)

(The skittering noise echoes around the room once again) (A few seconds of silence are played out)

Ice Bear: (Camera cuts to Panda's right leg) (Quickly emerging from the left side of the steam, Ice Bear's arm reaches out and grips upon Panda's right leg)

Panda: (As soon as he looks down to see what's gripping on his right leg, he drops on the ground as soon as Ice Bear begins somewhat quickly dragging him across the floor) (Screaming loudly in fear)

Grizzly: (Almost falls over as soon as Panda is dragged away from him) (Immediately alerted and scared for Panda's sake) Panda! (Lunges for him as Panda is getting dragged along the ground, managing to get his grip on Panda's left paw that's also holding the coffee bean bag) I got you Pan-Pan! (Has a determined look as he tries to keep his grip on Panda's left paw)

Panda: (Yelling in fear as he lies stomach-first onto the floor being pulled on by Ice Bear's intense grip) (Quickly looks at Grizzly in a state of panic) It's too late! Just destroy the beans!

Grizzly: (Gives Panda a assuring determined look as he tries desperately to keep his grip upon Panda's left paw) I'm not letting you go!

Panda: (Stares at Grizzly blankly, but sternly) (In a defeated, but serious deeper voice) ...Destroy them, Grizz. (As soon as he says that, Ice Bear's intense grip and pulling on Panda exceeds over Grizzly's grip as Panda is quickly dragged along the floor and away from Grizzly) No!

Grizzly: (Is lying upon the ground stomach-first as he witnesses Panda being swiftfully dragged along the floor by Ice Bear) (Says in a desperate loud tone) Pan-Pan!

Panda: (Screaming and flailing his arms around trying to loosen Ice Bear's grip on him, only to be forcefully pulled into the thick steam, has just disappeared within the steam)

Grizzly: (Begins getting himself off of the ground with a look of anger, like he has had enough) (Yells in a stern voice) Stop! (Loses a bit of the stern tone in his voice as he grows an unsure and terrified look on his face) Or else!... uh- you can say "goodbye" to the beans! You hear me! (Waving the beans in the air with his right paw, alerting Ice Bear of what will happen) (Looking around the room, trying to find Ice Bear) Say something!

Ice Bear: (Once agains emerges from the steam as he is seen crawling up upon the wall, stopping at the an area of the wall that's not covered up by the thick steam) (Look down upon Grizzly intently and almost psychotically) (Leaps from the wall and directly at Grizzly from behind, causing him to fall over onto the floor)

Grizzly: (Is caught off-guard by Ice Bear's lunge knocking him onto the ground back-first with Ice Bear planted on top of him) (His arms lying on the ground and away from Ice Bear with the coffee bean bag still remaining in his right paw)

Ice Bear: (Lying on Grizzly's body as he begins rubbing his paws against Grizzly's arms, most likely trying to reach for the coffee bean bag)

Grizzly: (Audibly struggling) Err- ahh! Please stop-- er--

Ice Bear: (Begins tickling both of Grizzly's sides)

Grizzly: (Giggles when he begins getting tickled) (Accidentally lets go of the coffee bean bag once tickled) No fair! Ah-- (Giggles more) No tickling!

Ice Bear: (Stops tickling Grizzly and sets his sight upon the dropped coffee bean bag)

Grizzly: (Grunts as he flips Ice Bear over onto the ground back-first, Grizzly now lying on top of Ice Bear) (Laughs triumphantly) Gotcha!

Ice Bear: (Raises his entire body upward, putting himself in the bridge position) (The sudden change of position and force of the lift throws Grizzly off of him) (Keeps his sight on the coffee bean bag while doing all of this)

Grizzly: (Gets tossed off of Ice Bear due to the force he put into getting into the bridge position) Ah! (Falls back-first onto the ground where he disappears into the steam)

Ice Bear: (In the bridge position, begins using his all fours to walk towards the dropped bag of coffee beans; spiderwalking towards the bag) (Once near the bag, flips himself around in a regular on all-fours position) (Begins sucking in the beans with his mouth like a vacuum)

Grizzly: (Is up from the floor groaning a bit) (Pulls off a determined, yet angry look as he begins running towards Ice Bear, and swipes the coffee bean bag away from him) (Continues running away with the beans)

(Camera cuts to an open door that leads to another room, unknown what room it is due to the thick steam blinding the whole cave)

Grizzly: (Runs through the open door, and slams it shut) (Continues to sprint through the room he entered puffing a bit) (Accidentally trips over and lands on the ground face-first) (Groans in pain a bit as he lifts his head up from the ground) Ah-- huh? (Eyes widen as he sees a toilet near him) Toilet? (Shifts his view on the coffee bean bag, and pulls of a reassuring face) Finally I can destroy these evil beans once and for all!

(A sudden loud crash of wood is heard)

Grizzly: (Is scared by the loud crash of wood, letting out a yelp and acidentally dropping the entire bag of coffee beans onto the ground ) Ah, The beans!

(Scene cuts to the same wooden door Grizzly went through and closed, the door now having a gash through it which was caused by Ice Bear's axe)

Ice Bear: (Pulls his axe out of the door to peek through the hole he made, with his right eye, who looks through the hole, and sees Grizzly) (Steps away from the hole to then swing his axe at the door again, creating another gashed hole in the door)

(Sounds of Ice Bear's axe is heard constantly smashing hole after hole through the wooden door as the camera cuts to Grizzly)

Grizzly: (Has his paws on the sides of his head with an expression of panic and distress) Ah, where'd it go? Where'd it go, where'd it go?! Uh... (Bends over and begins trying to look for the dropped bag of coffee beans through the thick steam)

Ice Bear: (Swings his axe into an already-made hole, making the hole even bigger than it originally was) (Pulls his axe out, and sticks his left arm through it, able to reach the door's interior knob and unlock it) (Slowly pushes the destroyed door)

Grizzly: (Laughs triumphantly as he stands back up with the bag of coffee beans in his left paw) ...Ooh. (Loses the triumphant mood he has)

Ice Bear: (Is now in the room) (Slowly walks towards Grizzly with his widened red-stained eyes locked upon Grizzly) (Camera cuts to a behind shot of Ice Bear, where it's shown that Ice Bear is holding his axe in his left paw)

Grizzly: (Yells in terror as he takes steps back and away from Ice Bear) (Stops backing away as soon as he's near the toilet, looking down at it) (Holds the coffee bean bag over the toilet with his right paw as he points towards Ice Bear) Stay away man!

Ice Bear: (Walks closer and closer towards Grizzly with the same blank, but crazed look in his red-stained eyes) (Breathing very heavily and even letting out realistic bear grunts) (The shindig noise is heard as Ice Bear lifts his axe up and behind his head as he prepares another swing, it now being directed at Grizzly)

Grizzly: (Ice Bear's shadow begins to lay above his scared and terrified face) (Whimpers to himself as he covers his head with his right arm in a desperate attempt to shield Ice Bear's upcoming downward axe swing)

Ice Bear: (Before he's able to swing, his eyes go seperate directions away from each other; his right eye's pupil darting towards the northeast, and his left eye's pupil darting towards the northwest) (Falls towards the right onto the ground, his thump being heard as soon as his body makes contact with the ground)

Grizzly: (Keeps his left paw over his head and eyes) (Lifts his arm up from his eyes to take a peek) (Confused) ...Huh?

Ice Bear: (Is lying on the ground right side-first with the same position he was in, with his axe still held with both paws and it behind his head) (His eyes now half open and his pupils now spaced from each other; Ice Bear's right eye's pupil on the far right, and his left eye's pupil on the far left) (Has passed out from all of the caffeine he has drinked and eaten, snoring)

(The steam that surrounded and drowned the entire interior of the cave begins to finally fade away. Scene cuts to the opened door Ice Bear destroyed)

Panda: (Is heard speed-walking through the cave calling out for Grizzly) Grizz? Grizz, where are you? (Sees Grizzly inside the restroom, and enters the room) Huh? Oh, there you are!

Grizzly: (Remains on his knees still in a state of almost paralyzed fear) Pan-Pan!

Panda: (Walks near Ice Bear, taking notice of his passed out state) Oh.. thank goodness, he crashed.

Grizzly: (Eyes wide and sweating in terror) You're alive! I thought he took you away!

Panda: (Comfortly talks to Grizzly) He did, but then he just gently carried me to my bed and sung me a weird lullaby. (Grows a pondering look) It was really strange... what happened to you?

Grizzly: (Begins to dizzly move around, groaning) (Falls backwards onto his back, possibly passing out from the adrenaline that rushed through him when he dealt with Ice Bear)

(Camera fades to black. Scene changes to the inside of the cave with the cave's main entrance door in view. Multiple knocks on the door are heard)

Panda: (Comes walking in from the right, and opens the door to see a caucasian teenage female in a basil-colored coat, an olive-colored undershirt, a chartreuse-colored scarf around her neck)

Teenage Female: Oh hey! (Looks at her phone with a confused look) My food app says there's a coffee shop here, but this doesn't look like a shop, so I'm like so confused right now. Like it looks like a cave or something, and I'm like... freaking out a little bit--

Panda: (As he listens to the teenager, he grows an annoyed look on his face, and slams the door closed, cutting off the teenager's conversation mid-sentence)

(Camera pans out from the exterior of the cave, now giving us a full view of the once called "Coffee Cave" store. We see the "Coffee Cave" sign that was once hung above the Bears' basketball hoop now laying on the cave's left side where all of the Bears' garbage cans are at)

Teenage Female: Okay... I'm gonna leave this place a really bad review. (Phone types are heard while she says her sentence)

(Cuts to the inside of the cave with a shot of Ice Bear sitting on the TV room's couch wrapped up in a baby blue blanket)

Ice Bear: (Keeps the blanket tightly wrapped around his entire body as he physically shivers and his teeth chatter)

Panda: (Walks to Ice Bear) (Says in a comforting voice) Don't worry, I took care of it. No more customers, I promise.

Grizzly: (Comes walking out of the hallway that leads to the kitchen holding a steaming hot cup of tea) (Walking towards Ice Bear) Hey little brother, I brought you some tea!

Ice Bear: (Cautiously looks at Grizzly as he enters the room with the cup of tea) (Strongly leans back away from the tea as soon as Grizzly tries handing it towards him, letting out a horrified gasp)

Grizzly: Oh! No no no, this is just green tea. It'll help you fall asleep.

Ice Bear: (After a few seconds, he grabs the cup of green tea with his left paw to then hold the cup with both paws) (Takes a small sip of the tea)

Panda: (Grows a remorseful look on his face) Um, we're really sorry for making you drink all that coffee.

Grizzly: (Grows a remorseful look on his face as well) Yeah man, that's our bad.

Ice Bear: (Looks at Panda, then at Grizzly) Ice Bear sorry for ruining Coffee Cave.

Grizzly: (Grows a calm reassuring tone to his voice) Don't worry about it man. Just drink up and relax...

Ice Bear: (Proceeds to take a long sip of his green tea)

Grizzly: (Looks down as he grows a pondering look) Wait, was that tea decaf?

Ice Bear & Panda: (Eyes widen in shock and fear after hearing Grizzly's words, worried that it might start all over again)