Creature Mysteries Gallery Transcript
This is a transcribed copy of the episode "Creature Mysteries".

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"Where is it?"
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Unnamed Ranger [Humming]
[Knock on door]
Unnamed Ranger Huh?
Unnamed Ranger Uh, hello?
[Knock on door]
[Doorknob rattles]
Unnamed Ranger W-who goes there?
[Knocking, rattling continue]
Unnamed Ranger [Gasps]
Grizzly [Waving] Hello!
Unnamed Ranger Oh. It's just a pack of large bears. What can I do for you?
Panda Ranger Tabes asked us over, said she needed help with something. Is she here--
Ranger Tabes Hi, everyone!
Ranger Tabes Sorry I'm late. Hope you weren't waiting long. Yo, Martinez!
Ranger Martinez Hey, Tabes...
Ranger Tabes Welp, welcome to the station, boys. Come on in. Make yourself at home.
Ranger Tabes This is my area. That's a portrait, books, broom, office stuff, and a picture of my mom. Let's keep moving. I have lots more to show you on our tour.
Ranger Tabes [In the distance] Over here you'll see a chalkboard, futon, small pizza...
Ice Bear [Picking up photo off desk]
Ranger Tabes [Setting photo back down] Sir, please do not remove any items you see. A few of them are explosive.
Ice Bear Ice Bear's personality is explosive.
Grizzly So, Tabes, what'd you want us to come over for?
Ranger Tabes I'm glad you asked. Would you believe me if I said you three were going to participate in something legendary tonight -- a mystery so big, you wouldn't believe it with your own eyes?
Grizzly Sure?
Ranger Tabes Good. There is something huge I want to share with you...
Ranger Tabes Behold! The work of many all-nighters!
Grizzly Uh, what is it?
Ranger Tabes "What is it?" indeed. The mystery is this, friends: there's an unknown creature in these woods, lurking out and about. I'm finally closing in on it. Tonight is the night it all comes together.
Grizzly Woah... Huh.
Ranger Tabes By this time tomorrow, the media, the government; they'll all know what this thing is.
Ranger Martinez Not this again, Tabes. I've told you there's no-
Ranger Tabes