Eucalyptus Pop! is a green, carbonated beverage primarily marketed towards koalas. Nom Nom is seen chugging down several bottles of the drink in the episode "Nom Nom".


The bottle itself is clear, tinted olive-green, as are most bottled sodas. The label appears to be themed after a tropical-esque setting, sand and a light blue background being visible. The label also showcases eucalyptus shrubbery. The liquid inside appears green.

Nom Nom

When Ice Bear open the door, Nom Nom is shown possessing several bottles of the pop, chugging them down and throwing the empty bottles aside.


  • The way Nom Nom chugs down the pop may be a reference to how some adults may consume alcohol to help sooth themselves during times of stress.
  • Most eucalyptus plants are native to Australia, which the bottle wrappers of the pop reflect.
    • Koalas are also native to Australia, and most of their diet consists of eucalyptus leaves.

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