Feathered Chase is a game based off the first episode of the show and was made by Cartoon Network. It was originally made October 2, 2015[1] and released on January 14, 2018. It is free to play on Cartoon Network's website.

The objective is to retrieve the Bears' backpack that was stolen by a group of pigeons. The controls involve simply dodging or blocking the obstacles that appear by either flashing Panda's camera phone or jumping.

The game starts with three bears, and each bear has two lives. When a bear runs out of lives, they fall off the Bear Stack.
FC Lives
The Bears lose lives in order of Grizzly, Panda, and then Ice Bear. When Ice Bear loses his last life, it's game over.


The bears' backpack has been stolen by a group of pigeons! Help them get it back!


FC Ctrl 1
Use your up arrow key (↑) to jump over bird poop or other oncoming obstacles.
FC Ctrl 2
Use your left and right arrow keys (←, →) to flash the phone camera in either direction.


FC Mobile

Mobile controls.

  • The pigeons featured in the game are from none other than the Pigeon Cartel.
  • The game's files reveal images for mobile controls, implying a mobile game was planned but subsequently cancelled, or a mobile game just has yet to be released.

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