Icy Nights Gallery Transcript
This is a transcribed copy of the episode "Icy Nights".

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[ Alarm blaring ]
Man [ British accent ] My lady, can't you see he's only marrying you because of your family's position? [Laughter]
Grizzly Huh? Hey, where you going, bro?
Ice Bear Ice Bear off to grocery store.
Grizzly At night?
Ice Bear No long lines.
Grizzly Oh, well, in that case, can you pick up some pizza bagels?
Panda [ Yawns ] Yeah, pizza bagels!
Grizzly Hey, wait, how are you gonna get to the city? Kinda late for the bus.
Ice Bear Ice Bear has ride.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Angelic choir ]
Ice Bear Hey.
[ Wolf Street plays ]
Civilians -Woah.

-Look at that guy.

♪ Cruisin' low city light, down the boulevard ♪
♪ Hear the howl tonight
[ Whirring ]
[ Chains rattling ]
[ Beeps ]
Cashier Okay sir, that will be $25.50.
[ Laughter ]
-Check this out.

-I got it.

Check it out. Whoo! It's working now.
[ Door chimes ]

[ Laughter ]

Ice Bear Please get off Ice Bear's ride.
Barry Oh [Chuckles] is this yours? We were admiring your upgrades and customizations.
Barry This is a really high-quality product you have here. So, how much do you want for it?
Ice Bear Not for sale.
Barry Sorry, what was that?
He said it's not for sale--
Barry I know what he said, Bryce! [ Breathes deeply ]
Barry Sorry about that. I'm not sure you understood my question. I want to buy your product, and when I want something, I get it.
Ice Bear Ice Bear repeats -- not for sale. [ Claps ]
[ Yells ]
-Huh? Get up, man.

-Are you okay?

[ Door chimes ]
Cashier Excuse me, sir, you need to sign for the card.
Barry [ Growls ]
Cashier Have a nice night, sir.
Ice Bear Thank you--
[ Rattling ]
Barry [ Chuckles ]
[ Tires squeal ]
Ice Bear [ Breathing heavily ]
Cashier Sir, you want me to call the police?
Ice Bear [ Cracking ] Ice Bear will take care of this.
[ Knocking ]
Ice Bear Bukashka.
[ Door squeaks ]
[ Indistinct conversations, electronic beeping ]
Yana Nyet! We do not sell snacks here. What kind of place do you think this is?
Ya tibe govorila ne trogat' WI-FI! (Hey, you! I told you not to touch the wi-fi!) Chto ti hochesh'? (What do you want?)
Yana [ Gasp ] You.
Ice Bear Proshlo mnogo vremeni. (It's been a long time.)
Yana I thought I told you never to come back here.
Ice Bear Ice Bear needs to find someone.
Yana [ Laughs ] You need my help again?
Ice Bear Ty kogda videli etot simvol? (Have you ever seen this symbol?)
Yana You're in over your head, and why would I help you anyway? The last time I did you a favor, you crashed my car and I ended up with 30 stitches in my shoulder!
Ice Bear For Ice Bear, please. One last time. Ya bol'she nikogda ne vas bespokoit'. (I will never bother you again.)
Yana [ Sighs ] Do not tell a single soul I gave you this. Their headquarters is on the far side of town. Be careful. They're very dangerous... Excuse me, I have coffee to make for nerds.
Yana [ Sighs ] Why don't you stay a while, catch up on old -- huh?
[ Cross My Heart plays ]
[ Laughter ]
Oh, man, tonight is gonna be epic!
Barry [ Scoffs ] Talk like that is the reason people call us bro-grammers. Yeah, yes, [Snorts] it'll be epic.
[ Beeping ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Whip! ]
[ Electronic beeping ]
[ Cheering ]
[ Electronic music plays ]
[ Indistinct shouting ]
Referee Oh snap! Fatality! Enough of that noise! Who's brave enough to challenge these brogrammers!
Crowd [ Chanting ] Barry! Barry! Barry!
Move it, buddy! I'll grind your new bot to dust with my new ultimate destroyer x235!
[ Shing! Whir! ]
Ice Bear [ Gasps ]
That?! That's the best you got? [ Laughs ] Oh, this is gonna be too easy! [ Laughs ]
Barry You're right... It is.
[ Beeps ]
[ Shing! ]
[ Bell dings ]
[ Clang! ]
[ Electronic music plays ]
[ Cheering ]
[ Crashing, clanking ]
Barry Well, well, well. I had a feeling you'd show up. This here -- it's just something we tech guys like to do for fun. After developing code all day, building servers, creating frameworks, it's nice to destroy something once in a while. You know? Unfortunate that we had to "borrow" your modified vacuum cleaner, but, hey, we call that "fair use".
Barry Look, we're always scouting for new talent in the tech industry, so I propose we make a deal. Join our company. Become one of us. What do you say?
Ice Bear Ice Bear will break you.
Barry Hmm. Well, you can't blame me for trying. If it's a fight you want, then a fight you shall have.
Crowd [ Chanting ] Fight! Fight! Fight!
Barry I guess that settles it, and you know what? I've got the perfect opponent for you. Should've left it alone, bear. I told you -- when I want something, I get it.
Referee Oh, shoot! Looks like we've goto ur first ever bot-versus-bear match!
Barry Let the games begin.
[ Whirring ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Warbling ]
[ Dramatic music intensifies ]
Barry [ Chuckles ]
Ice Bear [ Claps ]
[ Shing! ]
[ Collective "What?" ]
Barry What the...?
[ Beeps ]
Barry Get the bear! All robots in the pit now!
[ Beep ]
[ Whirring ]
[ Epic music plays ]
Barry Finish the vacuum cleaner.
[ Whirring ]
[ Electronic hum slows ]
[ Laughs ] Yeah!
[ Laughter ]
[ All gasp ]
Barry Hey, where are you guys going? Come back here!
Ice Bear [ Breathing heavily ]
Referee Uh, I'm out, yo. Lates.
[ Static ]
Barry [ Slow clap ] Well played, my ursine friend, but I have to wonder, what will your next move be?
Barry I thought you'd have learned by now, bear. I'll always be one move ahead of you.
Ice Bear Ice Bear is gonna find you one day.
Barry [ Chuckles ] Good luck.
[ Greatest plays ]
Woman Oh, Quincy, my love! [ Laughter ]
[ Door opens, closes ]
Grizzly Hey, what took so long?
ice bear}} Long lines.
panda}} I thought we'd starve.
Grizzly Dude, what the heck is this?
[ Electricity crackles ]
[ Claps ]
♪ My friend for the win, always my... ♪