John Park is Chloe's cousin and Mr and Mrs. Park's nephew who first appears in the episode Christmas Parties. He apparently likes and dislikes the Bears a little bit, but sometimes fights with Chloe over them, saying "be quiet" and to be nice just because their Chloe's friends, but when the Bears ruin Chloe's Christmas dinner, she gets a little mad and upset by having a tantrum on them telling them to leave her house and to just go but John makes fun of them calling them filthy animals as Chloe tells him to be quiet but at the end of the episode they come back to Chloe's house and to make it up her by fixing her dinner by cooking everything they put their hard work into and apologizing by showing her how sorry they are for what happened before and Chloe really appreciates it. Everyone, including Chloe and her family and friends, celebrate their Christmas together by eating all the kinds of food the Bears made.

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