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Karla was first seen in stranded on an island alongside Dave in the episode "The Island". The two apparently have been trying to find a way off for a while.


Karla is thin, though seems to be somewhat muscular from having been working day and night to escape the island. She has a light tan complexion, and long, unkempt ginger hair with a small ponytail in the back. She's seen wearing a white t-shirt and a pair of blue-gray shorts, both articles dirty, as well as white sandals with blue circles on the toe straps.


Karla is quite friendly and caring and is willing to help almost anyone. She cares for her sister greatly, similar to the care and love the Bears show for each other. When she and Dave first rescued the Cubs in "The Island", Karla was quick to ask them if they were alright and to offer them to stay with them.

She doesn't show any romantic attraction towards Dave, despite Dave having had a crush on her very quickly after the two had first gotten stranded together. Karla didn't take it very well finding out Dave had purposefully kept the two stranded so he could romantically advance on her. After finding out Dave's scheme, she and the Cubs used a raft that Dave had hidden to escape the island, leaving him behind.


  • Karla makes it clear that she loves and cares for her sister very much.

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