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My Clique Gallery Transcript
"Where is it?"
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(The Bears and Chloe are playing charades. It starts with Grizzly posing and Panda guessing.)

Panda: Running? Oh, a plane!

Grizzly: (nods his head)

Panda: A bird!

Grizzly: Yeah, yeah, but what kind of bird?

Chloe: Hey, no talking!

Grizzly: Sorry.

Panda: Uh, I don't know, man!

Chloe: Time!

Grizzly: Dude, a penguin! I was a penguin.

[It is now Ice Bear's turn to pose, Chloe guesses.]

Chloe: Ballet! mm...robot! A..a rolling pin?

[Panda models a camera, Grizzly guesses.]

Grizzly: A line! A..a square! Telescope! Typewriter! Grizzly Bear? A Panda Bear? You're a typewriter!

Panda: Dude!

[Chloe poses. Ice Bear guesses and answers correctly.]

Ice Bear: Boat. Pizza. Statue of Liberty. Snowman. Whale. Spider Monkey. Richard Nixon. Old Faithful. I know why the caged bird sings.

Panda: Time! 20 answers in 43 seconds.

Grizzly: No!

Chloe: Yeah! Whoo-Hoo! (Chloe and Ice Bear high-five each other.)

Grizzly: We did pretty good, though. (Chloe's ringtone plays.)

Panda: No, we didn't.

Chloe: Hey, sorry guys, it's my dad. 여보세요? 음, 어

Panda: What's going on, do you need to go?

Chloe: No, he was just checking in, no big.

[Grizzly starts trying to itch his back, but he can't reach the spot.]

Grizzly: Ugh, Man, this itch!

Chloe: [climbs onto the sofa] Here you go! [scratches the itch, until Grizzly is satisfied]

Grizzly: Much better, thanks Chloe!

Chloe: My pleasure! Hey, so you guys ready for some bubble tea?

Panda: Yeah, Bubble tea!

Chloe: Losers buy!

(Chloe runs out the door and on her bike off-screen)