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"Where is it?"
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[The episode begins with a freeze-frame of a neighborhood. The image slowly zooms in while a narrator begins talking]

Narrator: This may look like another peaceful rural town in America, but the McArthur family realized their quiet neighborhood was actually a terror-hood.

[Another freeze-frame is presented, this time it being a male adult]

Narrator: Meet Bobby Bateman.

[Another freeze-frame is presented, this time it being Bateman's family]

Female Voice: We thought he was normal, but then he kidnapped our cat, and he lit our house on fire. Those aren't normal things at all!

[The shot switches to Grizz laying on the couch with a blanket over him and closely watching the show]

Female Voice (in Background): Nobody could believe that he would've done such terrible things.

Grizz: (Extremely focused) Oh man! Hehe, no way, this is messed up!

[Panda and Ice Bear enter the room where Grizz is in]

Panda: What are you watchin'?

Grizz: Oh, hey! You guys gotta check this out. I'm binge-watching this crazy show about crime happening anywhere, even nice places.

Female Voice (in Background): (Sobbing) We just didn't see it coming...

Panda: Wait, were you watching this all night?

Grizz: Yeah, man, this show's insane! I mean, look at him! You would never guess that this normal looking guy would be so cray-cray. I mean, look at me. No one knows what I'm up to, but everyone assumes I'm this perfect bear because of my awesome looks.

Panda: Well, I heavily doubt that.

Grizz: Ya never know, man (Laughs) Ya never know..,

[Sounds of a large vehicle rumbling are heard]

Grizz: Huh?

[Now curious, the Bears step outside the cave to see what is making the noise]

[The scene switches to an elderly looking couple pulling stuff out from their RV. The man puts a backyard chair down while the elderly woman places a mini-grill down]

Elderly Man: You're the best. (Laughs)

Grizz: Hey, hey, hey! Check it out, guys! Looks like we got new neighbors!

Panda: (Excited) Oh! We've always wanted neighbors! The barbecues, the dinner parties!

Grizz: (Nudging Panda) This is gonna be amazing! Ah, let's go say hi.

Ice Bear: Ice Bear made casserole for new neighbors.

[The Bears walk up to the elderly couple]

Grizz: (Inviting) Hey, neighbors! Welcome to the neighborhood! Nice to meet you, uh I'm Grizz!

Panda: I'm Panda.

Ice Bear: Ice Bear.

Faye: Hi, I'm Faye.

Warren: Warren. Pleasure!

Faye: Excuse us if we're intruding your space. Didn't know someone was living here.

Warren: No wonder we're getting wi-fi. Hope you don't mind us staying next to ya?

Grizz: Oh, of course not! Welcome!

Panda: We're so glad that you guys are here!

Warren: (Laughs) Heck, we'll just stay forever then. (Chuckles) By the way, are you a grizzly bear?

Grizz: Yeah! Pretty cool, huh?

[Warren runs to Grizz and begins to feel Grizz's fur. Circles around Grizz a bit]

Warren: Ooh, your hair's so tough. Man, are you as strong as you look?

Grizz: (Chuckles) I look strong?

Warren: Honey, you'd better check this guy out!

Faye: (Embarrassed, light-hearted) Warren, don't be rude.

Warren: What? I'm just admiring his physique.

Faye: Oh, I'm sorry, Grizz. We're just obsessed with grizzly bears.

Grizz: I'm obsessed with new neighbors! (Laughs)

Warren: Come on, touch the bear. Go ahead, touch him.

Faye: (Embarrassed) Warren, please. Well, it was a pleasure meeting you all. Let's try and plan a dinner sometime soon.

Panda: That would be wonderful!

Grizz: Ah, that sounds good! All right, well, we'll see ya 'round then!

Panda: See ya!

[The Bears walk away from Faye and Warren who wave bye to them. The Bears enter their cave]

Grizz: (Laughs) Those guys were cool.

Panda: Yeah!

Ice Bear: Ice Bear forgot to give casserole.

Grizz: Oh, here! I'll give it to 'em!

[Excited, Grizz takes Ice Bear's casserole and runs back to Faye and Warren's RV. Before Grizz knocks on their door, Faye and Warren's voices can be heard inside the RV]

Faye: Did you see his size?

Warren: The grizzly? Yeah. I like how chubby he is.

Grizz: (Quietly, confused) What? I'm not chubby.

[Grizz raises an ear up and begins listening closer to Faye and Warren's conversation]

Faye: I mean, this is what we've been looking for.

[Grizz takes a peek inside Faye and Warren's RV through their window]

Faye: All the hard work we've put in, finally paying off.

[Warren grabs some knives from a wall that holds an arrangement of knives]

Warren: Now, now, let's not get too excited. Excitement screws things up.

[Warren turns towards Faye while honing the two knives he grabbed]

Warren: We gotta make sure we capture him this time.

[Grizz fearfully gasps as he runs from the RV, dropping the casserole on the ground]

Warren: Who's there?! Did you hear that?

[Warren steps outside, only to see a casserole on the ground] [The scene cuts to the inside of the cave. Grizz hastily enters the cave, immediately locks the door, and shuts the window's curtains; Grizz pants fearfully and excessively]

Panda: (Confused) What's going on?

Grizz: (Trembling in fear-fueled anxiety) They're after me! They're gonna kill me! They're bear hunters!