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Nom Nom (episode) Gallery Transcript
"Where is it?"
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(Ice Bear gets the day started by cleaning the cave, making breakfast, and setting up the cat videos of the day.)

(Grizzly Bear and Panda Bear walk in to sit at the table.)

Grizzly: Oh, dude! There's a new Nom Nom video! 

Panda: Isn't that the koala who threw you out of his limo? That guy's a butt.

Grizzly: Well, yeah, I don't like him personally, but I still like his videos. Just watch.

(Grizzly plays the video NOM NOM EATS A LEMON. LOL!)

Nom Nom: Ew! (Random babbling) (He falls off the chair)

(Grizzly and Panda laugh over the video.)

Grizzly: So cute, right?

Panda: Yeah, actually that wasn't bad.

Ice Bear: *scoffs and walks away with plate and a grumpy expression*

Panda: What's that one on the side there?

Grizzly: Um, hmm. I don't know. Let's see. "Epic Blowup." (plays video)

Marie: Good morning, internet. Have I got the scoop for you! Internet superstar Nom Nom blows up at fans when a book signing gets a little out of hand.

Nom Nom: You're welcome! No more-

Marie: Looks like our favorite koala isn't quite as cute as we thought he was.

Nom Nom: Well, I don't even think I need to explain myself. I was totally in the right. Wait, who laughed? Who's laughing at me? Are you laughing at me?! 

Talk Show Host: Nom Nom, no one's- 

Nom Nom: Alrights, that's it! Get this stupid thing off me!

Marie: This response video went up on Nom Nom's channel just last night!

Nom Nom: I keep hearing the word "diva" flowing around, but that's not true. I got responsibilities like everyone else. Oh, looks like it's time to feed my pets! 

(Nom Nom gives meat to his pet sharks.)

Nom Nom: Good doggy!

Marie: I think its clear that our favorite marsupial career-

Nom Nom: Ah! Go away (throws soda at camera)

Marie: is all washed up! Thats it for today. Don't forget to like, comment, fav-

(Grizzly pauses the video.)

Grizzly: Ugh, enough. This is terrible. Poor guy, he just wanted to make great art.