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Occupy Bears Gallery Transcript
"Where is it?"
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[The episode begins with quiet, calming music. We are able to see the sun rising in a window, the messy living room, bathroom, and kitchen. We then see the Bears: Ice Bear sleeping inside the fridge with his axe, Panda sleeping in his bed with stuffed animals and books, and Grizzly with a laptop and a dish. All are sleeping peacefully until rumbling begins. This causes Grizzly to awaken.]

Grizzly: Huh?

[Grizzly looks up at the ceiling, and pieces of it are falling.]


[The door to Grizzly's room slams open, and he is seen carrying a flashlight, and a box of Hoppin Hippo.]

Grizzly: Only the essentials!

[He spins once, dropping his items and racing into the bathroom. He comes back out, with five rolls of toilet paper.]

Grizzly: Essential!

[Grizzly then runs into Panda's room, carrying Panda out.]

Panda: (Off-screen.) Hey..!

Grizzly: Essential!

[Grizzly sprints to the kitchen, still holding Panda, opening the fridge.]

Grizzly: No! What happened? Where'd you go?!

[The rumbling stops, and we pan to the table, which Ice Bear is hiding under.]

Grizzly: Phew. We survived. Hey, do you hear that?

[Grizzly looks out the window) 

Grizzly: Huh, what's going on out there?

Panda: Could you put me down? 

[The bears come outside, and are shocked.] 

Grizzly: Wha? 

Panda: What? 

[There is a view of major construction around the bear cave. A crane comes in on the scene.]