Out of the Box is a cub-oriented game that was produced by Cartoon Network and developed by Killa Bunnies and is themed after "The Road". It was released on August 31, 2018 and is free to play on CN Asia's website.

After being dropped into the game, the objective is to solve the puzzles of each level and progress through each doors while collecting the levels' items along the way. The only bear available at the start is Grizzly, however the other two bears, Panda and Ice Bear, can be found and unlocked while progressing through the levels.

Some items cannot be obtained without the help of a certain bear, so back-tracking is necessary after unlocking the other two bears.


  • Use your left and right arrow keys (←, →) to move.
  • Press C to jump.
  • Press X to interact.
  • Press your number keys (1-3) to switch between bears.


  • The menu music is a remix of the Pilot theme.
  • This is the first cub-themed game to be developed for the show, the second being Box-o-Mania.

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