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"Where is it?"
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Panda's Dream Gallery Transcript

(Enter a bickering crowd of people standing in a line, waiting for a video game store to open so that they can get a new video game. Camera pans to Panda texting on his phone. A man in front of Panda waves to a presumed friend as the friend cuts in front of Panda.)

Panda: Huh? Uh- hmm...

(Panda tries to look over the man who cut in line. Exhales with a sharp look.)

Panda: Hey! 'ey you! Yeah, no cutting! I've been waiting in line for hours, you get back in the line like everyone else!

Man: Oh- Oh gosh, I- I'm so- so sorry. My bad, I- I- I apologize.

(Crowd slowly and silently look at Panda. They soon start to clap and surround Panda. Panda smiles and blushes.)

Random Civilian: Ha ha, yeah!

(Cuts back to Panda standing behind the man who cut in the line, showing that it was actually a daydream from Panda. Shortly afterwards, Panda dials a number on his phone. It cuts to a policeman handcuffing the man who cut in the line.)

Cop: Thanks, we wouldn't want criminals roaming these streets.

Lady 1: (runs to hug Panda) Oh, My Hero!

Lady 2: (runs to hug Panda too) You Save our Lives!

Security Guard 1: (From the Limo) Please Sir, come with us.