This is a transcribed copy of the episode "Panda's Sneeze".

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Panda's Sneeze Gallery Transcript
"Where is it?"
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(Episode begins with dandelions floating in the breeze. A bee sneezes when a flower's pollen is released. Pollen flies by a child's nose. The Pizza Shop is shown and the screen shows the interior with Grizz ordering pizza.)

Grizzly: Uh, one pepperoni, and a spring-blossom.

Employee: Do you want anything to drink?

Grizzly: Umm, do you have any orange?

Panda: (To Ice Bear) Hey, check this out.

(An autographed photo of Nom Nom hangs on the wall)

Ice Bear: (Grabs the photo and puts it in the trash can.)

Panda: (Laughs)

Grizzly: So, (Leans against the counter) what do you think?

Panda: Huh? What do I think of what?

Grizzly: My figure! I have this great plan to change my image, look cooler man. Just going to lean against everything I see.

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