"Where is it?"
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Panda Bear Gallery Quotes


Food Truck

Eat here if you hate eating.

Food Truck


If we survive this, I wanna splurge and go to a fancy restaurant. I'm gonna order dumplings, but I want them to make the dumplings really big, like bigger than any dumplings they've made before, so that I can hold it like a baby. Yes! We can stuff one dumpling into another dumpling, and then that dumpling in another dumpling, and then another dumpling, and another! And then I'll eat that dumpling and I'll be the dumpling!


Tote Life

I finally feel like I'm part of something!

—Tote Life

[Looks at the tote bag woman.] Oh... Hmhm! She's my ex. We still talk sometimes... [Whispers] but she's crazy!

—Tote Life

Charlie and the Snake

What if everything we are is just a figment of someone else's imagination? I mean, if what I see isn't real am I even real? You know... ? This is pointless - thank you for your time.

—Charlie and the Snake

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