The Pigeon Cartel is a gang of pigeons that specialize in stealing other people's possessions, most likely to sell them off for cash. They made their first appearance in the episode "Our Stuff", and later returned in the episode "Pigeons".


The pigeons in the Pigeon Cartel each have various feather patterns, though all of them bear the same gray and light gray color scheme. They are all seen wearing either beanies or bandanas on their heads.

Our Stuff

When the Bears went to talk to the Pigeon Cartel, first appearing as an innocent group of pigeons, one members ended up misleading the Bears into searching for Player 41, someone who had a similarly looking backpack, to deter them, likely afraid of being found out. After a confrontation with Player 41, discovering the backpack he had wasn't theirs, they ended up finding the cartel's hidden base, catching them in the act. They also found out they were the ones who stole their backpack.


  • One of the birds in the cartel was an undercover member for the police.
  • The Pigeon Cartel is a parody of real cartels.

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