Pizza Bagels are a type of food sold at the Food Market. A large amount of them were bought in bulk by the Bears. They were sold in the frozen foods section of the market. They made their appearance in "Jean Jacket" and "Icy Nights"


The Pizza Bagels, as shown on the product's boxes, appear to be, evidently, bagels with tomato sauce, pepperonis, and possibly cheese on top.

Jean Jacket

When the Bears head to the Food Market to test out their new Jean Jacket's powers, they notice the Pizza Bagels in the frozen foods section. They're all half off, so Grizzly, with the help of Panda and Ice Bear, stuffs their cart with boxes and boxes of Pizza Bagels to the point of overflowing.


  • The Pizza Bagels are the only food in the show, thus far, to be seen in only one scene.

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