Potty Time Gallery Transcript

Potty Time is a short by Tom Law that aired alongside 5 others.[1]


The Baby Bears' search for people to adopt them is disrupted by Panda's need to find a bathroom.


The three bear cubs are in their box, as a young Grizzly is advertising that they are up for adoption. They meet a girl who comes up to the box and saying how cute they are. Grizzly tells about his brothers and their details. This is then disrupted by a tap on the shoulder by Panda. Grizzly asks what he wants, as his younger brother says he needs to go to the bathroom. Since they think it's a rule not to go in the box, the baby bears trek to find a bathroom, risking themselves to go away from the girl as they were almost adopted.






Cultural References

  • TBA


  • TBA

International premieres

  • "미친 시간" (Korea)



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