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Professor Lampwick[3] is the 4th episode of the third season of We Bare Bears and the 57th episode overall.


Chloe’s professor is too mean to give her any face time to talk over her poor grade. The Bears take things into their own hands to help, causing big trouble for Chloe.


It starts off at Chloe's College with The Bears celebrating Chloe's hard work she did in her science class with Grizz holding a pink balloon with an A+ on it, Panda holding a sign that says "Way To Go Chloe" on it, and Ice Bear wearing a foam finger with the #1 on it, when her class is done and she's coming out of her classroom, she comes out and sad and the Bears celebrate her but she tells the Bears to stop and says that it's not a good time because she told them that she didn't do a great job on the lab but the Bears tell her that they helped her practice everything and wrote a song for it but she already knows that and says that's not the problem, she says it's her teacher Professor Lampwick because he messed up Chloe while she was doing her experiment but the Bears ask her how he did that, Chloe explains to them that everything was okay at first while figuring out what to do for 15 minutes until Professor Lampwick showed up checking on everyone in class to see how they're doing but he walks up from behind Chloe with his eyes red and says the clock is ticking loudly and runs out of time as she gasps, she just fails her class right away and the Bears tell her it's terrible and wish to talk to her teacher about her doing it again but Chloe tells the Bears that no one ever talks to Professor Lampwick, he doesn't even have office hours, but the Bears think that he can't be that bad as he's a man of science after all no matter what. Professor Lampwick comes out of the classroom and tells Chloe that her time's not valuable except his time, he tells her move get out of his way as she apologizes to him. The Bears realize that's him and tells Chloe to ask him about the lab but Panda tells Grizz not to and thinks it's not a good idea but Grizz tells Panda not to be silly, the Bears tell Professor Lampwick about what Chloe wants to ask him but Chloe is too scared and nervous to ask him but he doesn't have time for her muttering so Grizz takes over and asks for her about doing the lab again but Professor Lampwick says that he doesn't believe second chances and is surprised by her choice of study group, he doubts the Bears could do basic arithmetic, Professor Lampwick doesn't have time for Chloe to explain everything and just leaves, the Bears now believe and says that Chloe's not joking about Professor Lampwick so mean, the bell rings and Chloe says that she's late for her next class quantum, she thanks Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear for trying, Panda mentions that he doesn't want to be around Chloe's teacher acting like a dingle, the Bears think of some ideas on how to get Professor Lampwick to listen. The next morning Chloe is in bed sleeping until her alarm clock rings and her phone vibrating, Grizz is texting her to come over to the Bears' house right away and they actually mean right now because it's kind of an emergency. Chloe comes to the Bears' cave and lets them know she's there, Grizz opens the door for her and tells her that he's got a surprise for her but he wants her to promise not to freak out but she asks why would she freak out, Grizzly shows her what's going on, she freaks out and says that the Bears captured her teacher Professor Lampwick but Grizz told her before not to freak out, she asks if it was a good idea to capture her teacher, Grizz says that Chloe wanted some quality time with her teacher, Chloe asks Panda how it happen, he tells her that he looked him up online by internet stalking him, finding his house and asking her teacher to come with the Bears but he got really mad and Panda couldn't really tell Chloe anything else just because it sounds really bad out loud and Chloe seriously agrees with that then she asks Ice Bear what he did, he says he tied him up. Chloe really appreciates for what the Bears did for her but she tells them and says that they could get in a lot of trouble for what they did, Chloe apologizes to her teacher and takes the duct tape off his mouth, Professor Lampwick looks around to see what the Bears' home is like, he also says to Chloe when she frees him and unties him from the chair, he's going to expel her from college forever, then she puts the duct tape back on his mouth right away as he scared her and thinks of something she can do, everyone hear's Professor Lampwick's phone ringing and they answer it for him, the principal of Chloe's college calls him and asks where Professor Lampwick is and says that he's missing his class, Chloe pretends to sound like him by using her deep voice and says that he's sick with noxious fumes and all of that but the principal thinks it's someone else talking and doesn't believe that, he tries to reason it out with Chloe's science teacher and ask to talk about this, Grizz says to never ram the hallways of the university again they hang up on the principal and Panda says that's not cool, Professor Lampwick tells the Bears about being in jail but Panda says he can't go to jail, everyone realizes that it's really bad right now, Panda tells Grizzly that he'll never get a higher education if he's in jail, Ice Bear says he can tie more knots then Grizz asks Panda if he's got any ideas but everyone see's Panda almost untying Professor Lampwick but Panda says that if he unties him he doesn't have to go to jail, Professor Lampwick tells him that he's right and to keep untying him but Grizzly tells him to stop but Panda can't because he really doesn't want to go, Grizzly and Ice Bear are stopping him from untying Chloe's teacher and Chloe blends in to help, Panda cries with a tear in his eye when Chloe is pushing on him then they tie him up too, Professor Lampwick explains to Chloe about Grizz being unintelligent but doggedly loyal, he tells her how eager Grizz is about getting the phone and calling to turn Chloe in but Chloe's not listening and pretends to not hear what Lampwick is saying, he continues talking about making a deal for his brothers to walk free and says that blood is thicker than water, Chloe asks Grizz what took him so long, he says the phone was under Miki-Chan but Chloe also asks him if he's happening to be turning her in but Grizz doesn't know what he's talking about, Grizz explains to her and asks her what she's saying and that it's him as her friend and also ask if he'd ever do anything like that to her, Grizzly also gets tied up and says to Chloe that this is ridiculous and asks if she letting her teacher get to her like she did to Grizz, it's becoming a train wreck because first the Bears tied Professor Lampwick up now Chloe tied them up except Ice Bear last, he explains to Chloe about Ice Bear now, Chloe turns around and looks at Ice Bear and he allows himself to tie himself up now that she doesn't have anyone to help, Professor Lampwick makes fun of Chloe calling her a child prodigy and telling her that she doesn't belong in his class or any other class in college and says that she's not a prodigy at all but she gets really mad and annoyed, her hair puffs up and she begins to yell at her teacher Professor Lampwick saying that she is a prodigy and worked very hard for it, and she tells him that he's nothing but a tenured wash up who's got nothing better to do than intimidate and bully, everyone gasps when she really let it out on her teacher and is very surprised at her as he's never seen her other side before, Chloe changes the subject and asks to make a deal or not, Professor Lampwick is listening to what she's saying, she asks Grizz where her chemistry stuff is and he says it's in the living room, Chloe tells her teacher that she'll do her lab right in the Bears' kitchen right now in front of Lampwick so he can see but she says if she wins and does it right, he's got to go and pretend nothing happened but if he wins and she fails then she gets expelled and kicked out of school forever, she asks Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear if they all locked up, the Bears tell her not to worry as she's got this and they believe in her, Professor Lampwick accepts Chloe's deal but he tells her that she doesn't have 15 minutes to do it, she's got 5 minutes but she thinks that's not enough time but she accepts it anyway and starts to do it, the Bears cheer for Chloe and Lampwick watches the clock and says her time begins now at 3:00 to 3:05, she starts figuring it out by measuring and knowing what to use, she can't remember the right stuff but the Bears sing the song they made up for Chloe and it helps her think and remember by figuring it out, and while she's singing and doing her experiment she finishes on time until her 5 minutes are up, Professor Lampwick is really impressed and proud of her for actually doing it, he actually unties himself so quickly as he was untied for sometime now because he wanted to see Chloe work and perform under pressure and she delivered, she says he'll count it as an extra credit and will make up for the lab, Chloe's not going to press charges but she's the first one to kidnap her teacher over a grade and the first to get it right, Professor Lampwick leaves and Chloe explains to the Bears Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear that it went crazy in their house but she thanks them as Chloe giving Grizz a hug for helping her and Panda makes his final word by telling Chloe to move into a different class just because her teacher is messed up as the episode closes.




Cultural References

  • When angered by her professor, Chloe's hair begins to puff up. This is likely a reference to Studio Ghibli films.
  • Professor Lampwick's cold, manipulative demeanor and intimidating presence is similar to Professor Snape from the Harry Potter series.
  • Lampwick was the name of one of the boys turned into donkeys in the Disney film "Pinocchio".



International Premieres

  • May 22, 2017 (LA)
  • September 17, 2017 (Spain)
  • November 9, 2017 (United Kingdom and Ireland)


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