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Dana Tabes, more commonly known as Ranger Tabes, is a ranger who is first seen in the titular episode "Ranger Tabes." Her reappearance in "Creature Mysteries" marks her introduction into the show's main cast as a secondary character.

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Tabes is quite buxom, has a muscular build and appears physically strong as well. She has curly, medium-length ginger hair and is always seen wearing her ranger hat. She has large lips, freckles, and appears to have wings along her eyes. She is always seen wearing her ranger's uniform: a light green polo, moss green jeans with black boots and a tool belt with a golden buckle. She also wears a name tag on her chest. When off duty, she wears a pair of azure sweatpants, a light tan t-shirt with a pine tree pattern in the middle and white slippers.


Ranger Tabes is characterized as dramatic, energetic, and talkative. She's an outgoing person who is very dedicated to and passionate about her job. Her childhood dedication was becoming a ranger after her mom; more specifically becoming a ranger and tracking down a mysterious creature that had saved her as a child. She was only able to ever catch a small glimpse of the creature.



One day, Tabes saw a strange silhouette moving over the bushes, so she went to investigate what it was that she had seen. After a failed attempt to catch the supposed creature, she suspects that the creature could not have gone too far. After looking up at a cliff, Tabes again sees the creature that runs once more. In a desperate attempt to catch the creature, Tabes then begins to climb the cliff, but ends up falling. After waking up, Tabes can see the creature's face, although still dizzy thanks to the fall. Preoccupied, the mother of Tabes comes to look for it in the forest, what amazes the creature. After a failed attempt to tell her mother about the creature, Tabes decides to hunt down the mysterious creature to prove she was right and that the creature really exists.


After dedicating years and years of research on the supposed creature, Tabes finally gets a result. And to finally catch the creature she ends up calling The Bears in the ranger station, but they only end up getting in the way of her. After Tabes finds the creature, it ends up climbing over The Cave where there was a large fire. After realizing that the fire was spreading rapidly, Tabes tried to get out of that place, but the fire had already spread enough to make a circle around Tabes. Then the smoke from the fire made her faint, thanks to the lack of oxygen. Seeing this, Charlie decides to climb into a tree and swaying, he manages to get to Tabes and rescue her from the fire before she dies suffocated. After waking up, Tabes remembers seeing the creature, asking The Bears where she is. After The Bears replied that there was no creature there, Tabes apologizes to the bears for his obsession to have gone so far. Then Tabes rips the photo of the creature and decides to forget it all. Later, Tabes meets the creature again, but this time, she lets him go ...


  • Tabes was originally designed with braces.
  • Her voice actor, Cameron Esposito, once described Tabes as a "feminist park ranger".[2]

    Tabes' mother as seen in a photograph.

  • In "Creature Mysteries", the first mention and appearance of Tabes' mother can be seen in a photograph on Ranger Tabes' desk.
  • In the episode "Citizen Tabes" it is revealed that her first name is Dana.


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