Rebecca Turnman is a news reporter who makes her first appearance in the episode "Everyday Bears".

She also appears in the episode "Occupy Bears".


Rebecca has long, wavy brown hair and dark skin. She's seen wearing a blue jacket with a red undershirt. She also wears pink lipstick. Her bottom half is never seen.

Everyday Bears

When Grizzly was stuck in the large tree just outside the Bears' cave, a large group of people and the news crew had arrived. Rebecca was reporting how Grizzly was the "most stuck bear" they've seen in a while.

Occupy Bears

Rebecca was reporting on the construction of the tower on the Bears' cave and explaining how a group of bears who claim to live there are very upset with the construction. She asked each Bear individually, aside from Grizzly, about their opinions of the construction going on and the inevitable destruction of their home.

She later appeared when she was reporting about how the Bears have proven they do, in fact, live there and asked the construction manager how it feels to be a monster.


  • Rebecca's name wasn't revealed until her second appearance in "Occupy Bears".

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