The Audition Gallery Transcript
This is a transcribed copy of the episode "The Audition".

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"Where is it?"
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[The episode starts with a Frosty Fluffs commercial. Freshy Bear is looking around for some kids and then finds he is alone ]

Freshy Bear: Ah, alone at last with my delicious Frosty Fluffs! So much flavor it makes me do the Freshy dance! 

[ A kid leads to other kids to Freshy Bear ]

Kid 1: Come on guys, i think i hear Freshy Bear doing the Freshy dance!

[ they hide in a bush then jump out ]

Kid 1: Aha! Huh? 

[ Freshy bear is up high on an air balloon with the frosty fluffs ]

Freshy Bear: Better luck next time kids! [ laughs happily and then takes off his hat to reveal the frosty fluffs and holds it in his paws then eats the frosty fluffs ] I just can't bear to be without my frosty fluffs.

Kid narrator voice: Frosty Fluffs is a delicious part of this complete breakfast!

    [ end scene/ cuts to the three bear brothers going around with a shopping cart in a food store looking for cereal ]

Grizz: Where is it?

Panda: the lady said it was on isle six.

[the bears are seen rolling passed the cereal isle ]

Panda: wait! here it is! go back go back go back!

[they back up and stop infront of isle six and the isle with all the cereal is shown ]

Panda, Ice Bear and Grizz: Ooooooo

Panda: cereal-icious

Grizz: they have all cereal known to man kind guys.

Panda: i feel like cor-troopa wonderland! [ "sorry, correct this if I'm wrong" ]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear hearts bowls of sugar.

Grizz: re thing the motherload bros [ lol what? correct me please ] now which one to pick, theres just so many!

Panda: maybe we can try something new! like this one. Oaky wheat flakes . double of oak, double the wheat?

Grizz: oh i've got it! We'll pick the best part of the cereal! like sugar snacks!

Panda: heh heh heh, what about Monsieur Kitty Cat, meow.

Ice Bear: Ice Bears the character cinabug

Grizz: fruity bot!

Ice Bear: honey bun.

Grizz: Jerry.

[ they laugh having fun ]

Grizz: [ sees freshy bear cereal box and gasps ] guys, comere

Panda: what is it?

Grizz: this is the best mascot [showing front of cereal box ]

Panda: oh man, i remeber those commercials from when we were kids.

Ice Bear: Ice bear likes the children.

Panda: whoa wait look it this *turned it around* their having a contest to find the new freshy bear! 

Ice Bear: Ice Bears wanted nothing more then life.

Grizz: guys this contest was MADE for us! i mean look at us, were bears!

Panda: you mean we'll buy the cereal?

Grizz: no need bro! when one of us wins we'll have free cereal for life!

Panda: free cereal!

Ice Bear: cereal [ arms up but drops frosty fluffs cereal box's ] Ice Bear was going to pay for that.

[ scene cut to doors in waiting room and grizz comes in ]

Grizz: I'm telling you guys it's in the bag, this will be a piece of. . .cake

[hole room is shown to have applicants for the audition  practicing their line ]

Audition lady: jerry you can come in now

[ the guy with the bear costume and bear head puts on the bear head and follows the lady in the audition room ]

Panda: theres so many people here man.

Grizz: oh don't sweat it, their probably just a bunch of ametures, come on, lets practice our lines. [clears throught ] i can't bear to be without my frosty fluffs

Panda: whoa that was good, lets see, uhm, i can't bare to be without my frosty fluffs.

Grizz: nice!

Ice Bear: Ice Bear can't bear to be without frosty fluffs.

[ pan to guy who is sitting next to ice Bear ]

Applicant guy: whoa, that was your best acting I've ever seen, you guys are a natrual

Grizz: oh thanks dude, you wanna clear the part?

Applicant guy: oh yeah, sure.

Panda: who do you think will get it?

Applicant guy: uh, any one of you i guess.

Grizz: yeah but if you had to pick  just one. . .

audition lady: uh is there a grizzly here?

Grizz; oh, i'm up, heh heh [ goes up to the lady ]

Auditon Lady: grizz

Grizz: I'm grizz thats me 

Audition Lady: their ready for you now.

Grizz: eee! *excited*

Panda: [quiet talk ] yay~

[ audition room  scene with Grizz ]

Grizz: hey.

Audition lady: just stand there on the mark in front of the camera, tell us a little about your self

Grizz: uh , hi my name is Grizz, i live in a cave, i love karate , and I'm ready to be the next freshy bear!

                         [ Panda is up next in audition room ]

Audition Lady: what's your name hon?

Panda: hi, uhm, i'm panda.

Audition Lady: what can you do for us?

Panda: I can sing and dance

                                     [ Ice Bear is next ]

Audition Lady: what is your name?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear.

Auditon Lady: what do you do?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is Ice Bear. . .

           [ Grizz going again for a turn ]

Auditon Lady: ok, read your line

Grizz: ok, [ practices for a bit ] ok, woo! I can't BEAR to be without my frosty fluffs

                      [ Audtion line with Panda ]

Panda: oh I can't bare to be without my frosty fluffs 

Audition Lady: ok, can you try it a little cuter?

Panda: oh i can't bare to be without my fwosty fwuffs [ he nailed it ]

                   [ Audition Line with Ice Bear ]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear can't bare  to be without his frosty fluffs 

Audition Lady: no it's "I can't bare to be without my frosty fluffs"

Ice Bear: Ice Bear can't bare to be without frosty fluffs.

                      [ Audition line with Grizz again ]

Grizz: this is an irish freshy bear! arr i can't bare to be without me frosty fluffs, and heres freshy if he were a cowboy! dagnabit i can't stand it without my frosty fluffs partner.

                              [ Audition Line with Panda again ]

Panda: [ sings a line ] oh baby i just can't bare

                                          [ Audition line with Ice Bear again ]

Audition Lady: just please read the line that is written

Ice Bear: I-I-Ice Bear can't bear to be without his frosty fluffs.

[ Auditon Lady sighs and scene goes back to Grizz ]

Grizz: stand back you kids, those are my frosty fluffs!

                   [ Panda ]

Panda: frosty FluUuUuUuuufs [beautiful music ]

                        [ Grizz ]

Auditon Lady: ok, do happy

[ Ice Bear smiles ]

Auditon Lady: now sad.

[ Ice Bear frowns ]

Audition lady: and lets see angry

[ Ice Bear tries angry face ]

[ panda is dancing, and then there is Grizz punching broken pieces of Furniture ]


[ back with ice bear once again ]

Auditon Lady: ok thats all good for now you can head back to the waiting room.

Ice Bear: Ice Bear likes this day. [ IDK DX ]

[cut scene back to the waiting room finally ]

Audition Lady: ok everybody listen up, if i say your name, we'll need you to come back tommorrow morning.

Grizz: please pick us please pick us please pick us.

Audition Lady: Grizzly [ Grizz gasps happily ] Panda and alonso tiger heart

Grizz: huh? 

Ice Bear: *shows picture of himself and stage name* Ice Bear needed stage name.

Grizz: really professional bro

Auddition lady: heres some frosty fluffs. [gives some to Grizz ] you've won

Grizz: bros, were gonna be stars!

[ Cut scene back to the cave house in the living room Grizz is eating a bowl of frosty fluffs sitting on couch normally but then just proceeds to eat it crazily like a pig holding it in one paw ]

Panda: [ practicing line ] i can't bare to be without my frosty fluffs 

[ it zooms out  to  show Ice Bear repeating " Ice Bear is Freshy Bear "  Grizz is eating the cereal like a crazy pig and Panda is practicing all at the same time ]

[ Grizz stops eating and looks up at Panda ]

Grizz: your not gonna finish your cereal? 

Panda: i ate to much already

Grizz: huh weak, i had like twelve bowls

Panda: well I'm not eating alot

Grizz: it is showing about how much you care about frosty fluffs, " I can't Bair' to be without my frosty fluffs [ french accent ] hows that sound?

[ Ice Bear is doing karate moves and other cool stuff ]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear can't bear to be without his frosty fluffs.


Panda: thats pretty good.

Grizz: yeah I'm gonna try it out,

Ice Bear: Ice Bear was channeling out the spirits , which is also a bear

Panda: eh, it's not bear like.

Grizz: oh come on,were bears, why are we not bear like? 

Panda: i don't know, a bear would sound more like, i can't bear to be without my frosty fluffs [ doing it in a cool way ]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear heard Pandas a raccoon

Grizz: what? is that true?

Panda: what?! no! I'm pretty sure pandas are bears

Grizz: come on, grizzly's our bears too! [ doing pig eating cereal again ]

Panda: oh yeah well I'm more bear then all of you, I'll eat anything, I'll even eat the table!!

[ Panda tries eating the table while Grizz does hand stand crazily eating the cereal then Ice Bear gets on the table ]

Ice Bear: Roar, roar, roar. roar, roar, roar

[ the table breaks and everyone stops ]

Panda: you guy's are too much of a distraction, I'm going to go practice alone

Ice Bear: Ice Bear practice alone as well.

Grizz: pff! like I care! [ pouring all of the frosty fluffs cereal from the box into his mouth ]

               [ the next day in the auditon place in the waiting room ]

Panda: Fresh bear pr-Freshy bear can't bear to be without-

Ice Bear: frosty fluffs. . .

Panda: i know man! ok? I'm trying to practice

Audition Lady: ok guys , your going to need to put these on and follow me [gave them their outfits ]

           [ Scene cuts to the studio which is dark but the bear bros are shown in spot light wearing their Freshy bear outfits ]

Director: greetings gentlemen, i am the Director,  all of you should be proud to be the final candidate to become the new freshy bear, I'll know who isn't freshy bear, what is this? make up? 

Panda: uhm, no sir it's uh like a birth mark

Director: there are rules here, you know were looking for a bear

Panda: I-i am a bear sir.

Director: I've got no time for that, you will prove to me that you are worthy of becoming the next freshy bear, why did you smile?

Grizz: huh? uhm. . .

Director: freshy bear wouldn't smile or frown for no reason, i hope you don't disapoint me with stuff like that boy, alright show me what you've got, Grizzly go!

Grizz: yes sir! *clears throught* I can't bear to be- [ rudly interupted ]

Director: stop, panda go!

Panda: i can't-i can't bare-

Director: stop [ point to ice bear ]

Ice Bear: Ice Bear Can't-

Director: stop stop stop, *sigh's * really? that was freshy bear? that was not freshy bear, that was sort of, TRASHY bear, freshy bear is a pop icon, so push your selves to the limit, i need see what your  capable of.

Grizz: so, what do you want us to do?

Director: Freshy Bear does a dance , i need your best bear dance

[ the bears dance and Grizz does the dab with dance moves panda tries to do best moves but Grizz pushes him over and tries to do better then him being ally Jelly (jelouse) ]

Director: oh perfect.

[ the bears continue dancing and Ice Bear dances infront of Panda and Grizz eating a bowl of Frosty fluffs ]

Panda: hey get out of the way it's not your turn 

[ Grizz is starting to try too hard as usuall ]

Grizz: i can't bear to be without my frosty fluffs! *eats some frosty fluffs* ha ha ha! 

[ box was thrown a panda and Panda throws frosty fluffs back at Grizz and Grizz throws some more at panda as he sheilds them with the frosty fluffs box and continues to throw some but Grizz eats them all catching them with his mouth ]

Director: ho ho ho yes! [clapping ] bravo!

[ Ice bear is show dancing with the bowl of frosty fluffs while frostyf luffs are flying everywhere behind him ]

Director: ha ha ha! yes! yes! i gotta say you guys, this is going to be a difficult choice, but there can only be one freshy bear so , i've made my decision.  panda!

[ Ice Bear cheers for joy thinking he made it ]

Director: your fake, you look too much like a raccoon.

Panda: huh?

Grizz: ha ha ha!

Director: grizzly, really impressive dance moves but a little too trashy.

Grizz: well, I wasn't trying to be trashy.

Director: alonzo, you were just wierd

Ice Bear: Ice Bear perfers to be freshy bear

Grizz: well then who is going to be freshy bear?

Director: oh I've got say you guys were close but not close enough, so i'm honored and happy to announce , the new freshy bear is going to be. . .me! [ what a jerk huh? T-T ]

Panda: what?!

Director: I'd like to thank all of you for letting me realize that I'm the only one suited for this sophisticated role, oh i'm going to be so perfect, the kids are going to love me! [ yeah right ] ok, thanks again for coming you guys, please go to the exit , thank you  [ lights turn off ]

Panda: does that mean where not going to get our lifetime supply of cereal?

                [ cut to back at the bear bros home again in the living room where the bear bros are sitting on the couch and enjoying frosty fluffs ]

Grizz: yeah it tastes so much better then the pathetic frosty fluffs

Panda: yeah, i went a bet crazy

Ice Bear: Ice Bear.

Grizz: we were all a bit crazy, I'm sorry guys, i was just a jerk

Panda: no i'm sorry!

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is sorry.

Grizz: alright *puts down the bowl* come here you guy's! *bro hugs them with both arms* . . .huh?

[ the new frosty fluffs commercial is on and the director  hops out from behind the tree in a Freshy bear costume but you can see his face which makes it trashy. . . and he is twirling around like an idiot with a bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other  ]

Director: i just can't bare to be without my frosty fluffs! *bows*

Grizz: . . .wow, that was trashy. . .

                                       [ the episode ends ]