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The Fair[2][3] is the 13th episode of the third season of We Bare Bears and the 65th episode overall.


The baby bears want to be adopted .They see a carnival game and they saw Lewis and they made a deal with him and they sung and dance for him and hoped to be a adopted.[2][3]


It starts off at the Boise fair. The Baby Bears are at the carnival as Baby Grizz is showing some performance wearing a hat and holding a cane saying step right up to everyone trying to get adopted while Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear are in the box giving him appreciation. Baby Grizz says that him and his brothers are only 25 cents or even free, they see a man and asks him to pick the Baby Bears but instead he picks a psychic genie machine but the Baby Bears get mad about it as Grizz breaks his cane in frustration that it happens everytime, Baby Panda says that Baby Grizz is very strong and asks him if he's been working out and exercising and he says that he has and tells Panda to feel his muscles. Grizz asks a man if he wants to feel his muscles says that he doesn't, Grizz says that not even his muscles work by getting adopted as Panda sighs. The Baby Bears here a girl laughing across the walk at a fair game as Baby Ice Bear points out to her, Grizz and Panda wonder what he means, when the fair attendant gives the the girl her prize it gives the Baby Bears an idea of how to get adopted, they try to become game prizes as they guaranteed they'll be won and finally be adopted. Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear go for a walk to look around, Grizz calls the psychic machine stupid and throws a rock at it, the genie turns on and tells them that they'll never be adopted. The Baby Bears try to find a game that's really easy so that they can finally be adopted, a fair attendant named Lewis says that he's got the easiest game called ball toss, when a woman walks by she starts crying and runs away as Lewis was wondering if anything happened to her fish and apologizes to her. Lewis slumps and hits his head on the counter defeated. Baby Grizz, Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear go over to his booth as Ice Bear cracks his neck when they walk over. Grizz tells Lewis that he needs to work on his sales pitch, the Baby Bears scare him and Lewis gets surprised, he tells them not to do that and asks them what they want. Panda tells Lewis that they can help him, when the Baby Bears see Lewis's name tag Panda accidentally calls him Louise and they try to pronounce his name but he tells them anyway that his real name is Lewis but they said to him in frustration that they know how to read. Lewis says to the Baby Bears that they can't stay with him at his game but Baby Grizz tells him what Baby Panda was trying to say is that they can help bring in more customers but Lewis asks them how are they going to do that, he disagrees and refuses to let them, he's not going to listen to some Baby Bears. Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear argue with Lewis and pushes them away, 2 teenage girls walk up to Lewis's booth and asks him if the Baby Bears are prizes but Grizz says to them that they are and only $2.00 to play, the girls agree and love that price. Lewis makes a deal with the Baby Bears saying that they can only stay if they bring in more customers, Grizz says only until someone wins them and to get adopted. The Baby Bears wear some shirts and make a rap, dance and sing to make some customers come in and do some ball toss but when a man throws the ball, the bottles don't fall or knock over, it appears that the Baby Bears find out that Lewis is cheating, he glued the bottles together just so no one can win anything Baby Grizz, Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear get so mad they call Lewis a cheater, a sneak and the worst name ever, a dingle, that also means if no one can win the Baby Bears then they'll never be adopted but Lewis tells them too bad, they're bringing in the moolah and makes them stay with him, but the Baby Bears don't have to listen to him they just start to walk away and go somewhere else. Lewis can't allow that he picks up Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear except Baby Grizz and tells them that they're staying whether they like it or not, he uses his cane to hang them on the prize hooks by their shirts and Baby Grizz is the only one not hooked but tries to get away from Lewis just chasing him around, the people are wondering what he's doing to Baby Grizz, he gets worried for what Lewis said to him about Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear as curtains wishes he can only win Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear back himself, he makes a deal with Lewis saying that if he wins he gets his brothers back but if he loses and Lewis wins, all the Baby Bears have to stay with him forever. Baby Grizz becomes prepared with a ball as his brothers tell him that he can do it and they believe in him, although he has been working out a lot Baby Panda tells him to remember his work outs and exercises, he lifts up his left foot, flings his right hand and gives out his really hard throw but the ball aims for Lewis in the nuts and falls to the ground, Baby Panda congrats him but says that he was actually aiming for the bottles, he's out of his mind what he's saying he won his brothers Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear back, they take off their shirts and leave the booth calling Lewis names again and saying goodbye to him forever. When the visitors get angry at Lewis for rigging the games, Lewis said that there will be no refunds. The screen turns black after the scene, but it is possible that Lewis got beaten up. At night the Baby Bears go up to the fortune-telling machine and apologizes for what they said earlier on, they make their wish of being adopted or finding a place to stay and the Baby Bears leaves, the machine makes it's last word saying that they'll live in a cave as the episode ends.





  • This episode features the voice of Weird Al Yankovic as Lewis.
  • This episode likely takes place after the events of "Baby Bears on a Plane", since the fair is in Boise, Idaho, where the airplane landed at the end of the episode.
  • This is the first episode featuring Lewis.
  • Lewis picks up Baby Panda and Baby Ice Bear with his hands making them stay with him but he uses his cane to hang them on the prize hooks, it's unlikely how he picks them up with his hands and then using his cane to put them on the prize hooks.



International Premieres

  • January 8, 2018 (United Kingdom and Ireland)
  • October 16, 2017 (LA)



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