The Island Gallery Transcript
This is a transcribed copy of the episode "The Island".

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"Where is it?"
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[The episode starts with the The Baby Bears in a crate floating at sea.]

Grizzly: *Sigh* Nothing.

[Panda is licking crumbs from a granola bar wrapper.]

Grizzly: Save the crumbs, Panda. We've gotta ration.

Panda: Ugh, I'm starting to think that going to Japan was a bad idea.

Grizzly: Don't give up, Pan-Pan! Just think about our new life in Tokyo! Maybe we'll get a cool loft on top of a sushi restaurant!

Panda: Don't say sushi to me! My stomach is eating itself...ugh. Lemme see the map!

Grizzly: Let go, I'm the navigator! No!

Grizzly and Panda: What!

[A huge tsunami towers above the bears]

Grizzly and Panda: AHH!

[The three bears wash up on an island]

[Grizzly wakes up and tries to catch his breath, then he starts coughing]

Grizzly: Guys are you okay? Pan? Bro?

[Ice Bear flips over and spits out a fountain of water, then Grizzly calls Panda]

Panda: Ughh, did we make it to Japan?

Grizzly: I think so, a lot less buildings than I imagined.

[The three bears wade through the tall grasses of the jungle.

Panda: Ugh, guys, slow down.

[He sees a pretty purple flower]

Panda: Oh! What a pretty little- AHH! Run, run, run!

[A scary crocodile that was under the flower starts chasing them with the intent of eating them]

Panda and Grizzly: AHHHH!

[The run into a stone wall]

Panda: Ah! Oh no we're trapped!