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The Library is the 21th episode of the second season of We Bare Bears and the 47th episode overall.


When The Bears find Chloe in the library exhausted, they try to help her study, but only make things worse.






  • The Public Library
  • Collage School
  • Faculty Room




  • When the computer Panda turns on is displaying a set of messages as it's booting up, there are two instances of the word "initializing", only the second time, its spelled "initiolizing".

Cultural References

  • When Chloe and The Bears are dashing, the sound made is the dashing sound from the original Powerpuff Girls.
  • When the bears are going checking the upper levels after getting a sugar high, one of the students has a hat with a tree on it. This is a reference to Dipper's hat from Gravity Falls.
  • When Panda turns on a computer, a message is shown as its booting up. This message includes the name of the operating system, which is "Doors". This is a parody of Windows, a popular line of operating systems made by Microsoft.
    • Additionally, when the computer turns on, it greatly resembles that of Windows 98, with the startup sound to boot.
    • The "Internet" icon on the computer is resemblant to the original Internet Explorer icon.
  • When Chloe and The Bears go on a sugar rush, they move super fast while everything around them moves super slow. This could be a reference to Clock Up from Kamen Rider Kabuto.
    • The sugar rush Chloe and the Bears went through could also be a reference to the sugar rush Mordecai, Rigby, Pops and Skips went through in the Regular Show episode Sugar Rush.


  • Grizzly highlights a chapter of a book with a pencil but the ink that appears to have highlighted the page was that of a yellow highlighter
  • When Chloe is seen knocking a book out of a student's hand, her pupils are dilated. A few frames later when The Bears are seen talking her, her pupils are normal again.


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