The Library Gallery Transcript
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"Where is it?"
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(The opening scene shows the public library, which then changes to people studying and being stressed out.)

Woman: (Tries to stay awake) Huh?!

Grizzly: What? $8.95?! It's highway robbery! I'm sure there are perfectly good reasons why these books were overdue. Let's see here, um... Oh, yeah! This one is from during our holiday!

Panda: Yeah, I didn't like that one. So it shouldn't count. So don't count it.

Grizzly: Wait, what's this? Photography The Antartic?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear... uh... Ice Bear.. lost that.

(This situation frustrates the librarian.)

Grizzly: Try looking under the sink?

Librarian: Okay, stop! I'm going on break.

(The librarian walks away)

Panda: Can we still check-out these books?

Grizzly: What's up, bro?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear knows that person over there.

(The screen pans into a table, with Chloe Park studying in a frustrated mood)

Grizz: Hey, is that Chloe?

Panda: Chloe, is that you?

Grizz: (claps) Chloe?

(That is when Chloe puts down the book, revealing her tired face)

Grizz: Oh my gosh!

Chloe: Oh... hey guys.

Grizz: Oh, Chloe... you look GOOD!

Panda: What is all this? Shapes and squibbles?

(Panda holds a piece of paper, showing complicated Science modules)

Chloe: Harboms(?) formed by.. ugh...

Grizz: Chloe? You ok?

Chloe: Sorry, guys. I have this huge chemical exam tomorrow. I think I've been studying for.. 2.. 3.. days straight? Ah.. I don't remember anymore!

Grizz: Oh, so all of those are students huh?

Chloe: Yeah, this test is a BIG deal, it's worth the half course grade. Fail this, and you fail the class. Wait a second, I'm missing, I'm missing more information!

Panda: Chloe, can we help at all?

Chloe: Ow! Oh no! My last practice test! Ugh, I'm such a mess. I'm gonna bomb this for sure...