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The Road Gallery Transcript
"Where is it?"
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[The episode starts in a desert]

(A car drives by the cubs in a box)

Grizzly: Free bears! Get them while their hot! (sigh)

(Grizzly sees another car)

Grizzly (gasp) Another one! Free bears! Free bears here! Free for the price of none!

(Someone in the car throws a soda can at him)

Grizzly: Hey! Control your child!

(The person in the car throws another soda can at him while driving away)

Ice Bear: (stops the can from hitting them)

Grizzly: Oh no! They dented our box! Poor box.

Panda: (wakes up) (eyes closed) Where are we? Have we been picked up yet? Have we made it up to Paris?

Grizzly: No Panda, were not in Paris, were still in (happily) this desert!

Panda: Awww (covers face)

Grizzly: Don't be sad Pan Pan! We'll catch a ride soon. (sees another car) Look! Someones coming now! Free bears! Free bears here!