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    18:03, July 18, 2015

    Hey! Randomphoenix03 here. I'm making some edits to the rules (and, hopefully nobody minds - I didn't make any major changes) to fit how the wiki's been inactive lately (ex. shortening the amount of votes to end a vote) and other stuff. If the wiki picks up activity, I will either undo my edits or lengthen things like time the polls can be up, amount of votes needed, etc.


    A reason why the thread is being created.

    Your standing on the vote (Either you support or oppose the voting).

    What the users will be voting for when using the ✔ SUPPORT template

    What the users will be voting for when using the ✘ OPPOSE template

    (Optional) The time the original poster will end the voting.


    A reason why the thread is being created

    The time the original poster will end the voting.

    Please note that:

    A voting thread must be open for a minimum of 1 day and a maximum of 5 days unless an admin or bureaucrat wishes for the thread to go on for shorter/longer.

    • If a an option is winning by over 5 votes, an administrator may approve of the voting earlier than 1 day.
    • If the original poster of the thread fails to close the thread a forum moderator will be there to close the thread.
    • All votes submitted after the 5 days will not be counted.
    • If a vote goes for 6 days without approval no change will be made.

    All concluded votes must be approved by an administrator or a bureaucrat before they can go into effect. The admin who approves of the thread must edit the original post to include their signature.

    Anything other than voting threads on the voting board will be either moved to a different board or closed/deleted by a staff member.

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