Over the past 15 years I have been a recovering drug addict. I find this SO hard to admit to you all, but it has to come out.  I was addicted to heroin. I did other drugs such as marijuana and LSD but recreationally. I currently am clean and encourage you to not use drugs. Drug dealers deserve to die as well as potheads who think it's a worthwhile way to spend your time. washed up, are drug addicts. enough about that... I consider myself a changed person. I used to get my kicks by trolling wikia and doing any and all things against the TOU and rules wiki-wide. I have matured greatly since then. I want to help wikia, I have no desire to troll. Now, onto the topic I intended.... I have narcolepsy, therefore I cannot control my sleep patterns. I could sleep just about anywhere, I hardly drive because of it. I also have a rare stomach disorder called IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) it feels as though my stomach contents were set ablaze. The only way to aid my suffering is to regurgitate. I have had both diseases since 9th grade, and that was around the time I used drugs, if I feel like a junkie, I might as well BE one. now I think to myself "why am I this way?" I dont know. I love all races, I love homosexuals, pansexuals, heterosexuals, bisexuals (all sexuals), I love all genders. I hate racism, sexism, homophobia (it's a disease, afterall) and I will stand by anyone who is a victim of prejudice. I love people to an extent of which I welcome all religion and people who aren't prejudice with open arms. I am open to friendship, I really am here for this wiki. Hey, it's much better than drugs and trolling!

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