In the U.S. our presidental elections are coming up. It looks like slim pickings this time around.... Donald Trump seems to be close to actually being voted for president. God, if he becomes president I will leave America. I swear. Just kidding, why sit on my butt and let him RUIN America? His racist (and now apparent sexist) ways piss me off to no end. A prejudice president? It's like all the country folk/redneck logging commune members voted and left all the normal healthy minded citizens to do anything but vote for someone else. I have plans for trump. If he DOES somehow become elected I will hide in my car parked on a hill close to the white house (close to the Washington monument I believe, it's a nice height) and purchase a Barrett with an RAP4 sniper scope. I will create a distraction by shooting the bullet proof windows close to the president's quarters. This will alarm Trump by causing a loud sound as well as moderate damage to the window (full-metal jacket bullets) they will end up calling in security which will secure the perimeter. I will then kill them each off. I will go onto the property and take one of their clothes off and disguise myself as one. I will steal his identity. I will then go into the presidential suite and assassinate him there. Just kidding, that plan has so many holes in it XD. In all seriousness though, Trump is a terrible man, if he is president he will plague us with his insanity. Remember guys, Trump hates women, and Mexicans, some campaign he's running...

If he is elected, i'm sure an impeachment will be applicable.

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