Lately on this wiki, I have come to find that the administrative commune has became pretty cocky. This is another flaw, especially if you wish to keep a professional title within that commune. This is a growing wiki as we all know, but recently I've noticed some prejudice views upon a friend of mine who was once a moderator. His name is CHEESEYMCBURGER I won't get into that thread, but I still find that situation to be unjust and those of you who are reading this should steer clear of these admins. In a habitual sense, this is an ongoing problem, i find our core problem here is the system. Mainly because, there is no system. Where's the professionalism in that? And who's to say that I'M the one tarnishing this wiki's reputation? The staff here seems to be doing a damn good job doing that on their own, they don't need me to make this wiki look bad. It's a shame too, I like this show (Team icebear FTW). I don't intend to ridicule this wiki or it's staff, but something clearly needs to be done here. This wiki is still new, it's so young and ready to blossom, why not help it? And why question me when your the one who needs to be questioned? The staff just LOVES to put the blame where it does not belong. That makes TWO things on this wiki that doesn't belong. Like I said, this wiki is still new, it has ALOT of potential, I would like to help UNLOCK that potential, and widen your views on what is and isn't a professional staff.

Peace, love, empathy,


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