• I live in Maryland
  • I was born on January 18
  • My occupation is Video Gamer
  • I am Bread
  • DabByTheOcean

    Laughing Bear

    April 21, 2017 by DabByTheOcean

    (The bears were watching TV with Charlie. Panda was still on the gas)

    (Swords and Castle were on)

    Grizzly: Is he still on the gas?

    Ice Bear: Ice Bear doesn't know

    (The TV goes out to a black and white screen)

    Panda: I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!!

    Charlie: Me to my favorite part is the sound

    (Panda wanders off to the Kitchen)

    (He grabs a axe)

    Panda: What is this!?!?

    (Grizzly walks in and takes the axe and leads Panda to his room)

    Panda: Why are there some much toys!?!??

    (He starts to play with them)

    (Panda climbs out the window)

    Grizzly: Hey Panda I brought you-

    Grizzly: Panda!!!!!!!

    (He rushed after him with Ice Bear and Charlie)

    Panda: What is this?

    (he throws a rock at the beehive Bees come out and Panda walks away)

    (The bees sting Grizzly)

    Panda: WHY IS THIS HERE…

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  • DabByTheOcean

    Fever Bare

    April 21, 2017 by DabByTheOcean

    (Ice Bear is asleep in the fridge he wakes up and feels sick)

    (Grizzly opens the fridge)

    Grizzly: Good Morning little bro! Wait... You look sick

    Ice Beat: Ice Bear is fine

    (Ice bear falls as soon as he tries to stand up)

    Grizzly: Ok bro stay in bed I call a doctor

    Panda: What's wrong?

    Grizzly: Little bro has a fever I think he is sick

    Panda: I get a phone (he calls a doctor)

    Doctor: He has strep thoart

    Grizzly: What does that mean

    Doctor: It means He will have a hard time swallowing cause his thoart is inflammaed fevers are normal

    (The doctor leaves)

    Grizzly: Has some Ice Tea bro

    (Ice bear has a flashback of to coffee Cave)

    Grizzly: It has no caffeine don't worry

    (Ice bear drinks it)

    Grizzly: Stay in bed were be right back we're going to the store to get m…

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