(Ice Bear is asleep in the fridge he wakes up and feels sick)

(Grizzly opens the fridge)

Grizzly: Good Morning little bro! Wait... You look sick

Ice Beat: Ice Bear is fine

(Ice bear falls as soon as he tries to stand up)

Grizzly: Ok bro stay in bed I call a doctor

Panda: What's wrong?

Grizzly: Little bro has a fever I think he is sick

Panda: I get a phone (he calls a doctor)

Doctor: He has strep thoart

Grizzly: What does that mean

Doctor: It means He will have a hard time swallowing cause his thoart is inflammaed fevers are normal

(The doctor leaves)

Grizzly: Has some Ice Tea bro

(Ice bear has a flashback of to coffee Cave)

Grizzly: It has no caffeine don't worry

(Ice bear drinks it)

Grizzly: Stay in bed were be right back we're going to the store to get medicine

(Panda and Grizzly leave)

Ice Bear: Ice Bear has headache

(He hears someone enter he peeks his fridge door and sees a guy)

Guy: Where the bears!?!!?

Ice Bear: Ice Bear must do something

(He tries to throw his axe)

Guy: Nothing hear I should go

(He leaves)

(Grizzly and Panda come out)

Panda: Hear the medicine

(Ice Bear takes it and feels better)

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is ok


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