Ice Bear will teach you how to be safe, the importance and how to stay successful in high school. Ice Bear is still a freshman in high school, but here's what he learned so far from others.

1. Do not abuse your out of class priveleges- This will result in making the teacher taking  extreme measures and you may get a detention.

2. Study- Study for exams and finals, usually the test will rely on textbooks you carry, so study them carefully. Try to say it aloud to get the ideas more into your brain and practice a little every night. Take notes, and write them neatly. It is imperative to read your own notes in order to succeed.

3. Don't do anything stupid- Warning, detention, etc. This can reflect on your record and ruin your reputation.

4. Don't go off campus-Safety reasons.

5. Obedience. Obey the teacher no matter what, but if it seems unreasonable, come to a compromise with the teacher. No fooling around during class. 

6. Have high integrity, respect and persevere- Cheating is strictly prohibited, and please turn off cellphones during class. Persevere to do the impossible. Respecting people can take them a long way.

7. Importance- High school is important because it helps you get into college if you do well, and getting a good job.

8. Sat's- Take every opportunity given when a psat comes. Study sat's very early, say like 8th grade.

9. Don't be shy- Try making new friends even with the opposite gender. Don't be shy with the teacher, because you may face consequences.

10. Homework- Do it. Your grades will suffer if you don't.

11. Stay fresh- Get some sleep every night, don't waste your time. Manage it carefully to be successful and have some free time.

12. Prioritize- Academics goes first.

More info will come later if needed.

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