Ice bear will teach you about trombones; how to play them and taking care of them.

1. It is imperative your mouthpiece is in the middle of your mouth, attempting to squeeze  high notes that you are not comfortable with will compromise your mouthpiece placement.

2. Don't squeeze- Squeezing high notes or lower will worsen your sound quality.

3. The 7 slide positions- The lowest note you can play on a trombone easily is the E (p. 7) below the bass clef staff. Anything lower is considered false notes. Trombones can play into the normal range of trumpets but it will require practice.

4. Breaths- Breath after each phrase. If you don't know where a phase ends, try to play it and see where it would stop. Hear carefully.

5. Breathing- Don't take huge breaths when playing during a song, the note will lose significant value and your breathing will be noticed. If you are in a trombone section, don't all breath at once at some part of the song.

6. Low notes: Open your jaw a little to hit the lower notes and take a slower breathing pace, vice versa for high notes

7. Slide oil- At least once or twice a week. After putting the oil/grease on, carefully slide the slide the slide skeleton through the main body going back and forth and sideways simultaneously.\

more info will come

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