• IceBear4Life

    We...are the Three Bare Bears.

    We'll always come to play.

    But if you think we can't, we'll always find a way.

    That's why the people of this world believe in...

    Ice Bear...


    and Panda...


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  • IceBear4Life


    August 14, 2015 by IceBear4Life

    anyone here play Mortal Kombat X PS4? Ice Bear is looking for a player to fight with. also Ice Bear don't have a mike.

    Anyone who unlocked at least 2 DLC characters (Tremor, Jason, Tanya, Goro, Predator).

    Anyone with at least 5 achievements.

    Doesn't matter if you have mic or not.

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  • IceBear4Life

    Ice Bear

    August 12, 2015 by IceBear4Life

    Ice Bear exited for new tcg set.

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