Whats up party people!

Hello and welcome to my blog, you may know my name already because of the SU wiki, but to those who don't know, my name is Poor pearl :( aka Doctor Gonzo :P. I just wanted to share my thoughts on the wiki and how I'd discover the show so here we go. So once upon time... nah just kidding Perlen told me about this show on chat over at the SU wiki and watch a promo about it. So after I watch the vid the first thing that came to mind was this "three dudes trying to be internet famous that are also bears? Sign me up!" So you can imagine I was excited to see something like this. I also think it would be cool to see a wiki at its early stages just to see what would happen here and to be one of the first too. So those are my reasons to join and I also like you guys too so there's that :). One last thought, I think it's funny to see that we're SU fans, but we created a wiki that some of us may not like in the future. So with that said if this show doesn't reach our expectations than atleast we gave a shot at and just maybe we created a platform for future fans who may like the show more then us. Welp thats all I have to say about it so keep calm and carry on!

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