Character Rankings are where I rank characters on an episode. The rankings are based on many things.


Ice Bear

Lean on me

Ice Bear is the comedic relief of the show so far. He delievers funny one-liners that brighten the show with laughter. Overall, I can't see anyone hating this guy.


Grizzly Bear

Too kool

He was the cause of most of the plot in the episodes, and a pretty funny character overall. He's probably the main character of the show. I can't wait to see more of him in action.


Panda Bear


To be honest, Panda would be #2 but Grizzly already took it. I just don't find him as funny as Ice or Grizz. Not much to say about him. This is probably my favorite photo of Panda.


Nom Nom

We Bare Bears Nom Nom

To be honest, he deserved being #4. He was really rude in Viral Video. I just didn't like him at all.

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