Before you Ice Bear fans gets angry at me, let me just say it was more of an accidental antagonism.

Ice Bear loses the profit

As you see in these photos, Ice Bear trips over his bagpipes, falls over Grizzly and the profit bin is tipped over and the 25c is lost.

Ice Bear leads to the Jean Jacket

As the profit is lost, Grizzly calls it a day and finds the Jean Jacket. The jacket is the entire conflict of the episode, which leads to the Bears getting jealous over the jacket, and also leads to the most important point.

Ice Bear runs off with the Jacket

After more fighting over the jacket, when it is Ice Bear's turn, he runs off the jacket...

Panda Bear gets hit

...and Panda gets hit. This leads to the Bears going to throw it away.

Ice Bear knows he is guilty

Just look at his face! Ice Bear knows what he has done! He has lost the Bear's profit, got Panda slapped, and most importantly, led to the Jean Jacket. He knows he is guilty for his actions, and must ignore the sound of the sirens.

Grizzly's Sacrifice

This leads to the most feels-y part of the episode, which I like to call Grizzly's Sacrifice. He throws himself into the trash in order to get rid of this curse off the Bears.

Now, Grizzly wouldn't've risked dying if Ice Bear hadn't found the Jean Jacket. If not, who knows? He could have gotten seriously injured. Speaking of injuries, Panda got hit in the process of trying to get the jacket.

This is probably the most evidence I can give, so if you can disprove this evidence, then I applaud you.

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