Love me or hate me,

It's back from the Steven Universe wiki.


  • Each character starts out with five (5) lives.
  • Every hour, you choose to hurt a character and heal a character. Hurting a character takes a life away and healing a character gives them a life.
  • You can hurt a character and heal a character in the same comment.
    • You can ALSO Hurt one character and hurt another, hurt a character twice, heal a character and heal another, or heal a character twice.
  • If a character reaches zero lives, they are eliminated until the next game.
  • If a character reaches 15 lives, they require 3 hurts in order to lose a life. This mode is called Zen Mode.
  • You vote in THE COMMENTS, nowhere else (and the Chatroom with a few exceptions)
  • Sudden Death occurs when two characters are left and they are automatically set to 3 lives and cannot be healed. The two heals or hurts rule does not apply by then.
  • Every 100 comments, whoever is the 100th, 200th (and so on) commenter decides who to eliminate (EXCEPT ON SUDDEN DEATHS).


TBA Panda Bear 10
TBA Ice Bear 8
TBA Grizzly Bear 5

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