Here's my idea for We Bare Bears DVDs. Release them as seasonal set release instead of a few episodes per DVD release.

We Bare Bears: The Complete 1st Season (2 Disc Set)

Description: We Bare Bears Season 1 DVD brings you a lot of good times and bear comedy. You just have to love the bears who live in a cave and make you laugh. Grizz, the oldest bear who is willing to be friends with everyone (even you). Panda, the middle bear who wants to get a girlfriend. And Ice Bear, a young polar bear who doesn't talk much yet skilled in everything. Join in the fun and hangout with the three bears.

DVD Bonus Features Include:

  • Meet the Cast (on Disc 1)
  • Multi Language Intros (on Disc 2)
  • We Bare Bears Original Pilot (on Disc 2)
  • Behind the Scenes feature (on Disc 2)

So What do you guys think?

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