The Issue

We are having a troubling lack of work on some of the more recent episodes' plots and transcripts. We also have a lack of revamping of older pages that need it, and no one going through the Article Stubs tab to empty it a bit. We need to step up our game, especially if we're wanting to attract more people to help contribute.

As of yesterday; October 4th, 2015, we've been gaining more new faces and activity has been increasing! I'll be on the look-out for more pages that need editing in order to put more Users to work to help the Wiki grow!

What We Need

  • Firstly, a few more new achievements might be an order? There's no achievements for the Music // Songs category. Even with all the badges currently, a few more might slightly increase motivation.
  • Though we have all plots currently filled out, we still need the following plot(s) to be finished or revamped in formatting // grammar.
  • We also need the following transcripts finished.
  • The following transcripts, though finished, need to be revamped with higher standards ((like Burrito's transcript)).
  • The following pages need to be worked on to remove the Article Stubs category from them ((this won't include transcripts)).
  • The following pages need major revamping // reformatting.
    • None yet! Keep it up!
  • Page Suggestions
    • Staff Requirements
    • Page Formatting Guides
    • More Rule Pages ((We only have two, and if this Wiki is to grow, we need to put in a few rules for other parts of the Wiki))


This list will be of pages that have been finished. If I didn't work on it and finish it, but you did, please comment which page you did so it can be added to the list. The more pages finished, the better.

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