I've been working on a single-chapter fanfiction for We Bare Bears lately. I figured I'd post an excerpt of what I have so far. Be warned, this fanfiction will be rated T. Though the paragraph itself is okay, without the need of the T rating, be cautious when reading this paragraph. What are your thoughts on it? Any critiques? ((Also wanted to note, all the characters in the fanfiction are canon except for the female character, who is from a headcanon.))

With a gallant leap, she dug her claws into the bark, trying to get a good hold as the branches were higher up the body. Due to her paws being wet from the mud, she ended up losing her grip, giving out a yelp, and dropping him. She hurriedly pushed herself back up, looking behind her in a panic. She could see silhouettes bearing guns, coming up quick. Wincing a bit at another bang, she picked him back up and attempted to climb the tree again, managing to get a good hold. She then began her journey up the base, aiming for a lone but sturdy branch near the top.

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